Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 27 and 28

Witching hour. EBONY’s in danger! – but ALICE and the rest of the tribe refuse to be stirred from their beds. It’s only that weirdo TAI-SAN having a wee dream; and the dream was only about EBONY anyhow. TAI-SAN is left frustrated.

SPIKE the rat experiments with various forms of revenge. Even black widow EBONY must have a breaking point!

Beneath her staunch veneer EBONY’s nightmare continues. She is being tortured by too-vivid memories of sociopath mentor ZOOT, and his somewhat idiosyncratic method of making friends and influencing people…

TAI-SAN tries to locate the source of the dream energy. Hey, at least PATSY remembers Eagle Mountain.

Snog Log! JACK and ELLIE go for an all-time record. PATSY and CLOE become fearful of a lifetime of spinsterhood. They decide it’s time to grow up – and get a boyfriend.

The Militia are skiving. They will only take orders from EBONY.

PATSY and CLOE check out the talent lined up for the antidote. The TRIBE LEADER of the Mutants takes PATSY’s fancy – and stirs up some trouble. The MALL RATS may have the antidote, but they don’t own anyone!

ZOOT teaches EBONY how to hate. SPIKE and his MATES are way out of their league.

ALICE gets wise to KC – he’d better tell her where EBONY is or she’ll give him a swimming lesson.

EBONY finally begs. ZOOT spares her life, but not her pride.

ALICE, TAI-SAN and CLOUD set off to rescue EBONY. She crouches in her prison cell, bound, gagged and traumatised.

The TRIBAl LEADER spearheads an angry crowd. No one needs the antidote – the MALL RATS have been lying to them, and the lie is over… and the Mall Rats?

EBONY is safely home – but traumatised by the kidnap.

DAL milks BELLA. He is puzzled by the volunteers’ no-show.

CLOE and PATSY turn themselves into fairytale princesses. Their search for matching princes is thwarted by RYAN’s refusal to let them leave the Mall – it’s too dangerous. Meanie!

The trading market is abandoned too. Some kind of national holiday? KC smells trouble, and he for one is glad to have EBONY back to protect them. But is EBONY all washed up?

JET and the GULLS turn on a startled DAL. Still, DAL’s not about to cry over spilt milk. He runs instead … and falls…

EBONY is really screwed up: SPIKE unwittingly found her “Room 101”.

DAL returns cut and bruised. The GULLS attacked him – he thinks they would’ve killed him…

BRAY reprimands the MILITIA for failing to protect the Tribe. But nobody listens to MALL RATS any more. They only take orders from EBONY…

PATSY and CLOE focus their attention on DAL. He’s a nice boy – so brave, and upright, and best of all, present. They volunteer to nurse him back to health.

LEX taunts EBONY. She’s not so tough any more, huh? ALICE intervenes and tells LEX off – what is the matter with him?! He may be lonely, but is he a quitter or a fighter?

KC raises the alarm. An angry mob is advancing on the Mall! They’re not happy about the antidote farce. And the MILITIA have joined them … BRAY decides to reason with the mob: they can explain everything … The pacifist eco-warrior gets a frosty reception…

DANNI and RYAN drag the injured BRAY back into the Mall. Meanwhile, TAI-SAN urges EBONY to face and thus defeat her demons – anyway, BRAY needs her! The crowd surge forward as EBONY appears and takes command. God help the Tribe if she ever turned against them …