Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 25 and 26

BRAY and DANNI’s dream of a united society seems to be coming to fruition. For a whole fortnight the MALL RATS have kept quiet about the disappearance of the virus and have continued to dole out the antidote to the grateful, blissfully ignorant multitude. Under the guidance of our Tribe, Œvolunteers’ have cleaned up the city. But does the end ever justify the means? And what will happen when the tribes figure out they’ve been duped?

Judge DANNI finds her greatest trial lies in stopping EBONY’s Militia from beating up the accused before the case is heard. And teacher SALENE wants to know what’s so special about DAL and RYAN’s pumpkin anyway …

ELLIE is strangely drawn to the amulet and it to her, according to TAI-SAN. DAL is thrilled – JACK isn’t, especially when ELLIE resigns from the newssheet. She can no longer live with the lies!

An ominous rumble of dissent among the volunteers. Rumours are spreading that the antidote is no longer needed – aren`t people being conned by the Mall Rats?

At the Trading Market, LEX spots a thief – but botches his capture. Are the pink bunnies trying to tell LEX something? LEX needs to prove himself … to himself.

KC’s ego is cruising for a bruising. After a day of rebuffs, KC’s path “accidentally” crosses with that of SPIKE – loudly and publicly vowing to get even with EBONY for forcing him out. KC trails the loquacious ex-LOCO.

DANNI and EBONY argue over a suitable punishment for THE HUNGA.

KC returns and secretly tells EBONY what he’s seen. Redemption!

Issues of law and order. ALICE proposes LEX as Market Supervisor. No more cheatin’, no more lyin’, and no more lyin’ in bed till midday either…

JACK works his charms on ELLIE.

Vengeance is all SPIKE’s. EBONY falls right into his trap…

SPIKE considers his revenge. Even EBONY must have a breaking point!

BRAY brims with optimism. The streets are clean, and it’s all because of DANNI. She makes him care. He makes her breathless.

Mr. Market Supervisor swears he’s cleaned up his act. He’s off the booze and on the wagon.

Out of the mouths of babes and children – RYAN’s got the gift. SALENE’s impressed.

SPIKE reveals his genius. It was all a set-up. But is he man enough to defeat ZOOT’s ex-woman?

LEX seeks out the hidden benefits of his new job. There’s a certain amount of cheatin’ and lyin’ involved.

DANNI’s worried – are the kids are tumbling to the antidote scam? She has a cunning plan: deny. Deny. Deny.

LEX makes up with SALENE – sort of.

Where’s EBONY? Who knows and who cares – as long as she doesn’t come back! TAI-SAN’s concerned though. Hey, wasn’t KC the last person to see her? The little guy comes over all sulky and vague – he can`t remember anything.

JACK is bitten by love. Mega.

ELLIE’s furious when she sees the newssheet. DANNI and BRAY are founding their brave new world on deceit and lies! The FARMWORKERS aren’t too impressed either.

KC cuts a deal with THE HUNGA. As God is his witness, he’ll never be manacled again.

Staunch EBONY’s starting to crack. Some horrifying memories surface in a nightmare … She wakes in terror.

… and so does TAI-SAN. She has had a dream that EBONY’s in grave danger…