Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 23 and 24

A week later: the day of the Trading Market Grand Opening.

DANNI’s upbeat after her lucky escape – JACK and ELLIE’s Pandorax lead fizzled to nothing. But the intrepid reporters are still on the case… DANNI tries to dissuade them from continuing their investigation – they’re acting like vultures!

LEX wanders the streets, a Mall Rat outcast with only a stray DOG for company.

ALICE gets at EBONY – she’s got her sussed. ALICE is capable of murder herself – if anything else should happen to TAI-SAN…

TAI-SAN explains to ALICE why she doesn’t want protection. There’s more than one way to fight for life!

EBONY doesn’t believe in a free market economy.

KC ribs DANNI about cutting the ribbon; bracing BRAY addresses the crowd. Let’s make history! When the tribes learn to live together again, there will be peace and prosperity for all.

EBONY confronts TAI-SAN – get ALICE the muck-raker to shut up with the character assassinations!

PATSY and CLOE are cross: they’re always being forced to fit into someone else’s version of someone else’s vision. They’re working on one of their own – and the first step for Tribe C&P is to find that cute DOG again…

RYAN and SALENE are steeped in post-coital bliss. Diesel-fuelled DAL persuades them to come play tractors.

Gather ye rucksacks while ye MAY. Honour amongst thieves and camaraderie amongst OUTCASTS – LEX has found a refuge.

The stray DOG discomBOBulates PATSY and CLOE.

JACK and ELLIE have discovered DANNI’s connection with Pandorax…

DANNI explains – her father was a genetic engineer working for Pandorax. He created the deadly virus, but not on purpose! The Tribe reel. So the adults got the virus and DANNI’s got a terminal case of guilts. And BRAY knew about this?! The honest eco-warrior has no time to defend his muddied reputation – he’s a sucker for a DANNI-in-distress.

The Tribe are shocked. Were the adults dumb or what?! EBONY senses an opportunity. She launches a campaign to overthrow BRAY.

DANNI can’t run forever. But she can try.

LEX hangs with the outcasts, but all MAY not be as it seems.

DAL returns with the ancient amulet he found at the farm. TAI-SAN marvels at its familiar pentangle design. That’s gotta be some kind of sign.

BRAY follows DANNI to a meadow. She’s given him meaning – and he’s not going to give that up so easily.

EBONY acknowledges the little people. If the Tribe support her, they’ll get rewarded. But do they trust her?

LEX is cast out of the castouts. And no shoes to boot. RYAN tracks him down. LEX decides to lose his loserness.

BRAY returns with DANNI. The Tribe are forgiving after all.

EBONY strikes, announcing her scheme to sell the antidote. All objectors can just butt out. But LEX returns with a revelation – he hasn’t had the antidote for ages. The word on the street is the virus has gone. No virus? That means no antidote – and no power… for any of the Tribe.