Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 21 and 22

Sinking yet another bottle of wine, LEX opens up to SALENE. But LEX’s vulnerability is a fragile and precarious thing – and fleeting too, as SALENE instead encounters Lex’s other side…

DANNI, caged, tells BRAY she’s sure EBONY was the poison peddler – she is going to bring down the Mall Rats, just as DANNI predicted. Is BRAY just going to stand by and watch?

RYAN enraged like never before, throws his one-time best buddy out of the Mall. Never show your face round these parts again! BRAY approves: LEX needs to go away and have a good long think about who his friends are.

RYAN and SALENE have a good long think and decide they are very special friends indeed. It’s time to consummate their relationship.

Chief Prosecutor EBONY is dead eager to get the trial underway. ALICE, for one, is already suspicious. But PATSY and CLOE have already decided DANNI’s guilty – and she must pay for murdering BOB.

EBONY protests that the jury is loaded toward DANNI. She insists that five of her MILITIA be sworn in, as balance. BRAY insists that PATSY and CLOE abstain. Grumbling, they take the lamb back to the farm. They pass a drunken old loser on the way: didn’t take LEX long to completely disintegrate …

EBONY’s interrogation of DANNI arouses suspicions about her background. DANNI’s struggling to keep her story straight. Is she really a spy for the CHOSEN??

In the recess DANNI has a startling confession for BRAY…

BRAY promises to keep her secret safe…

… And discards the other secret he’s been keeping. In the courtroom, with things looking very bad for DANNI, BRAY reveals he told EBONY the antidote formula but only to try to save TRUDY and BRADY. The accused is found innocent, but she’s not entirely off the hook. RYAN and SALENE agree – there’s still something dodgy about that DANNI.

The Tribe’s trust in BRAY is compromised. PATSY and CLOE don’t know if they’ll be able to believe anything he says ever again. BRAY is crushed.

The newssheet has elicited a huge response for JACK and ELLIE. JACK staggers under the weight of information about the virus.

EBONY confronts SPIKE, furious about the jury’s verdict. He’ll have to make it up to her – big time.

PATSY and CLOE stumble upon a stray pooch being hurt by some horrid BULLYBOYS. Festy creeps!

SPIKE leaves – his hand forced by EBONY.

The others are dismayed to discover that the foodstore has been raided. Can they pin it on EBONY and force her out? But the Head of Security’s got an answer for everything. She arrives with SPIKE’s “confession”. TAI-SAN doesn’t believe a word of it.

BRAY, trying to restore tribe togetherness, organises a celebration dinner. DANNI is almost enjoying herself when JACK and ELLIE enter with another lead to the mysterious Pandorax Company…