Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 19 and 20

JACK waits anxiously for the return of ELLIE and DAL. What on earth are his best friend and his girl doing that’s taking them all night?

… Delivering a baby lamb – not a task for the squeamish. DAL rises to the occasion.

DANNI reports the Bill of Rights is all set for signing. As co-leader, EBONY demands first approval. DANNI seethes. It’s not as if she doesn’t know what’s going to be in it!

LEX is getting sloshed again – and it’s not yet lunchtime.

EBONY believes exile is not enough of a deterrent for murder. She’s a staunch believer in capital punishment.

JACK confronts DAL about his night with ELLIE. DAL’s explanation leaves jealous JACK feeling pretty sheepish.

TAI-SAN announces the Tribe are due for their weekly dose of antidote.

The Tribe leaders meet for the signing. BRAY makes a speech about rules, and law, and order, and rules, and… TAI-SAN interrupts to voice her dissent. DANNI argues – people need rules! ALICE follows her inner voice – after TAI-SAN.

EBONY plants the deadly crystals in TAI-SAN’s antidote.

Party time. JACK finally apologises to ELLIE for how badly she treated him. She has a brilliant idea…

PATSY and CLOE urge TAI‹SAN to join the party. She’s not bothered, and neither is BOB.

It’s not LEX’s party and he’ll cry if he wants to. The Tribe look on, saddened and embarrassed. Dipso LEX needs help.

TAI-SAN spills her antidote dose. While she fetches a cloth, BOB wakes up, thirsty…

Bob is ill – seriously ill…

TAI-SAN finds a deadly crystal on her floor. Maybe BOB was poisoned… Maybe the poison was meant for TAI-SAN. She confides in honest BRAY, who tells her not to tell anyone. He tells EBONY. He’s got a feeling, but EBONY advises him to ignore it.

RYAN tries to help LEX. It’s not going to be easy.

KC is to assist JACK and ELLIE distribute their newssheet – somebody out there must know why the grown-ups died. DANNI suggests they’d be better off looking to the future.

EBONY rounds up the Tribe. The poisoner could be a spy for the Chosen – and everyone is a suspect. EBONY orders a search of all the rooms. Surprise – ALICE finds the poison crystals in DANNI’s room. Surprise – DANNI’s never seen those crystals before in her life. Surprise – she’s arrested and taken to the cage.

DAL brings home a little lamb. PATSY and CLOE are delighted.

BRAY has a talk with TAI-SAN. Okay, so DANNI’s a bit of a mystery, but does that make her a murderer? TAI-SAN feels DANNI is disconcertingly passionate and driven.

SALENE promises RYAN she’ll have a go at talking to LEX. He confides in her – his dad was a drunken loser. SALENE feels sorry for LEX who has been drowning his sorrows.

EBONY comes to visit the caged DANNI. Perhaps DANNI should have used the Bill of Rights to make gloating illegal… EBONY can’t resist a partial confession – this is about BRAY, amongst other things. But try proving it, sister! DANNI’S future looks bleak and EBONY is delighted…