Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 17 and 18

TRUDY`s rescue party give the news of their failed mission. It was all LEX`s fault! Time he either ships up or boats out. BRAY`s furious, and LEX himself feels betrayed. Was BRAY just going to stand back and watch LEX die?

JACK`s still angry about making a fool of himself – in front of the dog.

BRAY`s over the eco-wimp thing. DANNI tries to pacify him, but BRAY`s old enough to understand: sometimes you gotta fight to be a man.

ALICE counsels ELLIE. JACK`s a nice guy, and nice guys dont grow on trees. It`s time for ELLIE to extend an olive branch.

TAI-SAN gets cosmic. Just think of TRUDY and BRADY, thinking of the Tribe, thinking of TRUDY and BRADY S RYAN is tearful just thinking.

BRAY and LEX have the showdown that`s been brewing for sixty-eight episodes. BRAY`s a smug, stuck-up little nancy-boy, but then LEX is scum! Who`s the wimp now, LEX Luthor? But BRAY ought to know better than to be a gentleman in this brave new world. As he turns away LEX downs him – and BRAY`s life is saved by an unlikely heroine…

KC introduces CLOE and PATSY to the world of wheeling and dealing. Its a shady business – and time is about to run out.

Guardian angel and nurse EBONY bathes BRAY`s wounds. He`s a bit concerned about what motivates her, but EBONY acts the innocent. DANNI had her eyes on BRAY`s wounds herself.

TAI-SAN is suspicious. Did BRAY let EBONY in on the formula? Honest BRAY denies it like a pro.

ELLIE apologises to JACK. They argue.

EBONY makes BRAY an offer he cant refuse…

BRAY tells an astonished Tribe that either they vote EBONY in as joint leader, or he walks. Yay democracy!

Some rough trade at the Mall as EBONY assumes her joint leadership role, taking control like a born despot.

JACK and PATSY let the antidote queue enter too soon after a miscommunication with EBONY. Of course, that means they`ll get the blame for any trouble…

Traders are turned away. EBONY basks in her power, whilst LEX tries to rally fellow Mall Rats for the revolution.

ELLIE urges ALICE to counsel JACK. It`s time he made his move.

There`s a scuffle with a chicken and a couple of traders price-fixing. EBONY and her MILITIA are quick to deal to them. DANNI wants a clear system imposed.

DAL finds a sick sheep at the farm. He stays over.

EBONY wants more control; TAI-SAN wants less. BRAY quizzes the woman of mystery. DANNI quotes Yeats. Things are falling apart; centres won`t hold; and innocence is being drowned. BRAY has an idea to tie it all back together.

JACK and ELLIE share a moment: EBONY spoils it. ELLIEs not impressed by JACK`s flexible and pliant character.

BRAY is thinking big, and he`s thinking trade.

DAL finds a poster – further evidence that EBONY is being way too militant. BRAY gives EBONY a warning.

ELLIE goes to the farm with DAL to check out the sick sheep. JACK gets jealous. ALICE discovers his sweetly animated side.

TAI-SAN and DANNI clash over whether the antidote should be used as a tool to enforce rules. BRAY gives TAI-SAN the hard word: if she gives away the antidote formula then she`ll forfeit her right to be a Mall Rat. -Tough call.

ELLIE diagnoses the sheep. It seems to be very highly – pregnant.

EBONY meets with a mysterious STRANGER – he hands her a small bag of deadly crystals…