Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 15 and 16

The MALL RATS have finally figured out TRUDY`s missing. An emergency meeting is called – LEX, delighted by the general dissolution of order, volunteers himself as Head of Security once more.

Come the revolution, EBONY will be first against the wall! TRUDY is furious at the treatment the CHOSEN are subjecting her erstwhile betrayer to. She demands the GUARDIAN give her EBONY as her personal servant.

LEX is behaving like a comic-book general – and offending most of his troops along the way. SALENE rises indignantly to the bait, defending RYAN`s smeared manhood. Lying to LEX isn`t really lying!

KC, PATSY and CLOE turn to a little artwork.

TAI-SAN wonders if DANNI might not be right in her suspicion that TRUDY and EBONY are somehow working in cahoots. If the CHOSEN do have TRUDY – then the sacred triangle of ZOOT, the mother and the BABY is complete.

Being TRUDY’s lady’s-maid is worse than being the CHOSEN`s prisoner. EBONY has a plan.

JACK is getting rather jealous of the attention ELLIE is ladling on Farmer DAL. He turns to the voice of experience – inexperienced RYAN forgets that lying to JACK is really lying. ALICE treats JACK like a cheap anorak.

TRUDY puts her life in EBONY`s hands – again. Some girls never learn.

EBONY saunters back into the Mall – and is convincingly astounded to discover that TRUDY and BRADY are now missing. Gosh – really?!

The GUARDIAN interrogates his hostage -did foolish TRUDY help EBONY to escape? TRUDY uses her Supreme Mother status to wrong-foot the GUARDIAN. Her new guards won’t let TRUDY out of their sight.

EBONY practices her kick-boxing and delivers a nasty blow to BRAY. TRUDY and BRADY are hostages of the evil CHOSEN! She`ll tell if BRAY tells her first – the antidote formula.

ALICE has been playing Cupid. ELLIE should expect a pleasant surprise.

BRAY broods with only his (in)decision for company. DANNI`s interested in EBONY and TRUDY’s shared history – maybe there’s a connection? Honest BRAY lies, and learns it’s a horrid, gut-twisting experience.

JACK seeks ELLIE`s hand -but fails.

TRUDY realises she`s been betrayed by EBONY yet again. Forced to attend a ceremony which joins her to the CHOSEN, she has to name the thing she most wants…

TO EBONY`s surprise, BRAY refuses to give her the formula -but backs down as EBONY makes to leave the Mall.

The Tribe are worried – why isn`t BRAY doing anything about TRUDY? They spring a meeting – is it time to find a leader who can do the job? EBONY enters in the nick of time. Surprise, surprise – TRUDY and BRADY have been found!

JACK confesses his passion for ELLIE – to BOB.

The GUARDIAN implores TRUDY to live every moment – and some of those moments with him.

The rescue party arrive at the CHOSEN Cave only to find it already deserted. The CHOSEN are following the spirit. Luckily EBONY knows the way – it`s coastal. BRAY insists that the rescue be without bloodshed. But LEX has a plan…

…and it`s not a very good one. The tables are turned as TRUDY rejoins the CHOSEN to save LEX. As she departs, aboard the CHOSEN’s boat, she calls to BRAY – she loves him, and she always will…