Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 13 and 14

RYAN wakes alone. SALENE is crying in the sewers – once more battling her bulimia, and losing. She hurries away from the sound of approaching footsteps – as EBONY sneaks back into the Mall.

DANNI is already working on her Bill of Rights. She’s still peeved with BRAY – how could he stand by and let TAI-SAN humiliate her like that!

EBONY wakes TRUDY, spouting a whole pack of lies. The two of them must slip out to fetch BRADY home alone.

RYAN finds SALENE coming out of the sewers, looking glum -alarm bells for RYAN? She seems cross with him – is it something he hasn’t done?? Yup.

JACK tries to convince ELLIE of the President’s need for the public to swallow. DANNI’s not biting.

LEX has some really bad gender-relations advice for RYAN. RYAN acts on it. What SALENE needs is a big, man-sized dose of – well, a real man. SALENE knows better.

DANNI’s having doubts about EBONY’s prolonged absence. Bet she’s behind the BRADY-snatching somehow! New search parties are organised.

TRUDY’s having doubts about the wisdom of following EBONY anywhere. But EBONY turns up trumps – with the BABY – and the kidnappers. TRUDY, Supreme Mother, is taken hostage – but there’s a nasty surprise in store for the evil scheming witch EBONY!

RYAN discovers SALENE bingeing. He comforts and consoles her; they bond. All each ever wanted to know about the other’s level of (in)experience, but were afraid to ask.

DANNI is sick of BRAY prevaricating. She tears the Bill of Rights to shreds. Everything’s falling apart anyhow!

TRUDY finds being worshipped comes naturally to her. She can do anything she wants – anything except leave! The GUARDIAN offers her EBONY: shall she live – or shall she die? TRUDY’s feeling murderous!

The past is like a foreign country – they do things exactly the same there. With EBONY’s life hanging in the balance, TRUDY demands to know why EBONY has always hated her. It’s a long story…

…of how MARTIN became ZOOT; how the captain of the basketball team became ECOWARRIOR; how TRUDY became pregant; how EBONY became ZOOT’s offsider; how EBONY and the GUARDIAN really met; how Power became Chaos, and how BRAY could never make up his mind which girl he really wanted…