Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 11 and 12

BRAY doesn’t want all the power and responsibility that inevitably goes with knowing the secret antidote formula. But TAI-SAN believes his fate is to lead the Tribe, and she’ll resort to blackmail if she must…

Though BRAY needs convincing, there are others pleased that the secret knowledge has been bestowed upon him. DANNI sees an opportunity to draft a Bill of Rights, using his knowledge of the antidote formula as a tool to enforce the law. But what sort of opportunity is EBONY imagining?

DAL rallies the farmworkers into action – it’s harvest day. Nothing ventured – nothing grained. CLOE, PATSY and BOB will help, but SALENE and RYAN are determined to search for BRADY instead.

LEX fumes: now BRAY has everything – total control. EBONY quotes Shakespeare and LEX is inspired.

TRUDY believes no one is taking BRADY’s disappearance seriously enough. She tears out into the city to look for the baby herself, but runs into trouble with two nasty YOUTHS. Luckily, RYAN and SALENE come to her rescue and escort her back to the safety of the Mall.

SALENE and ELLIE have a chat about love. ELLIE confesses; SALENE reveals some secrets of her own…

LEX corners RYAN – he wants to find out more about this Shakespeare. RYAN volunteers to teach LEX to read.

It’s time for the farmworkers to retire. DAL is unable to tear himself away from the harvest – he decides to spend the night at the farm.

DANNI is irritated by all the time BRAY’s spending with TAI-SAN, learning to make the antidote. What about drafting some law and order?!

RYAN is spooked by SALENE’s slinky surprise.

And DAL has a spooky encounter too, with the sinister Chosen – death to all Mall Rats!

DAL’s Mall Rat status won’t save him – THE CHOSEN aren’t interested in the antidote. But clever DAL uses his grain and makes a lucky escape. He returns to the Mall to raise the alarm. The Tribe speculate – maybe the ZOOT-worshipping CHOSEN are responsible for BRADY’s disappearance.

EBONY will organise the search party with SPIKE and the boys as escorts. RYAN, avoiding bedtime with SALENE, volunteers himself as night watchman – SALENE is growing confused and anxious about his behaviour.

KC finds a fishingpole. Pity he can’t find anyone to take the bait! And after DAL’s recent experience, the Mall Rats are strictly forbidden to go outside alone.

LEX learns the truth about RYAN and SALENE – Bad move, RYAN! SALENE misunderstands.

DANNI interrupts TAI-SAN demonstrating to BRAY exactly how to use a mortar and pestle. DANNI is peeved that BRAY is still too busy with the antidote and its creator to discuss her Bill of Rights.

JACK watches the Presidential Broadcast once more, and discovers an ugly conspiracy. But, before he has a chance to show anyone, the evidence mysteriously disappears.

KC has slipped out to go fishing on his own. He spies EBONY, no longer accompanied by the MILITIA – where’s she going? KC surreptitiously follows – until he is knocked out of the action.

EBONY, unencumbered once more, heads straight to the CHOSEN Cave – and, as she suspected, finds baby BRADY: a worshipped hostage. Seems EBONY and the GUARDIAN are old acquaintances S She proposes they join forces: with the antidote as control, together they could wipe out the Mall Rats and take over the city. But the GUARDIAN isn’t interested. What he wants is TRUDY – to complete the sacred triangle.

Sad SALENE is about to make an old, bad mistake.