Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 9 and 10

The first day of PATSY’s new job as babyminder – and BRADY has been snatched. TRUDY turns on her, frantic with rage and fear. PATSY flees, distraught, leaving TRUDY to weep.

BRAY’s search of the surrounding area turns up zilch. Unseen eyes watch as he comforts TRUDY.

Back at the Mall, the Tribe rush to the rescue of TAI-SAN, who lies unconscious in the lab. What could possibly have caused the explosion? ALICE has her suspicions…

The return of BRAY and TRUDY compounds the Tribe’s problems. BRADY’s gone; PATSY’s missing; TRUDY’s hysterical; and without TAI-SAN, their key to the antidote, and therefore survival, is lost. To EBONY’s disgust, the sentimental Tribe decide against JACK and ELLIE trying to figure out the formula – a vote of confidence in TAI-SAN’s recovery.

EBONY searches the lab for the formula herself, but is riled by BRAY’s suggestion that she’s losing her touch. To dispel any doubts over her capability as Head of Security, she organises the search for both BRADY and PATSY. CLOE volunteers BOB as a skilled PATSY detector. KC offers to scout on ahead – anything to escape the wrath of ALICE when she discovers the truth about the explosion.

KC finds PATSY, miserable in her new home – appropriately, a rubbish skip… She’s too scared of TRUDY to come back to the Mall; if he tells anyone of her whereabouts, she’ll blab about him spying on TAI-SAN’s lab.

EBONY returns without PATSY; or the baby; or BOB. CLOE is devastated.

TAI-SAN regains consciousness, blinking up at her worried friends. Who could these lovely people be, with their smiles as big as moons?

TAI-SAN has amnesia, and without the formula they all have no chance…

KC tries to negotiate with EBONY: he’ll tell her where PATSY is if she protects him from ALICE. Unfortunately for KC, EBONY doesn’t do deals – well, she doesn’t today. KC is forced to squeal.

There’s a very large antidote queue and a rapidly depleting supply of antidote. LEX goes to grill TAI-SAN about reserve supplies. However, ALICE is unyielding in her bodyguard duties. She knows he and KC were involved in the explosion.

Little BRADY is taken into the camp of the sinister CHOSEN, where she is soon to be reunited with the object of their worship: the mighty and very dead ZOOT.

EBONY locates PATSY and the dog. If she doesn’t come quietly then EBONY and her MILITIA will be eating shiskeBOBs for dinner. The return of the prodigal PATSY fills TRUDY with fury – what about BRADY??!!

LEX urges KC to confess about the explosion. After all, he has a good, solid defense: he may have blown TAI-SAN up, but only because he was spying on the lab in the Tribe’s own best interests…

JACK and ELLIE view their videotape at last. It’s a Presidential address to the nation, and since everyone knows a President always tells the truth – especially on camera – the big mystery is solved. The virus wasn’t man-made. Darn those germ-ridden comets, anyhow.

PATSY mopes. If they don’t find the baby then TRUDY will never forgive her – and PATSY will never forgive herself.

Things do indeed look rocky for BRADY, what with the GUARDIAN’s ceremonial robes and sacrificial inclinations…

KC confesses his part in the explosion, but is off the immediate hook when TAI-SAN appears and announces she has regained her memory. In case anything happens to her again, TAI-SAN agrees to choose one other to share the formula…