Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 7 and 8

DANNI is completely focused on her proposals for today’s meeting of the city’s tribal leaders. Armed with the ultimate bargaining tool – the antidote, theirs to give or withhold – the Mall Rats have a unique opportunity to create a just and peaceful system, for the benefit of everybody. But in this world, a gathering open to all comers may pose a few surprises…

THE CHOSEN stalk through the city, terrifying all in their path.

DAL drags SALENE and a reluctant RYAN off to the farm.

TAI-SAN is working night and day to keep supply of the antidote up to demand. ALICE is becoming concerned about her charge’s health. Is this nagging cough really just the onset of a cold?

JACK and ELLIE go back to the antidote building, searching for the truth about the origin of the virus. LEX can’t understand why they would care – he’s going to where the action is!

PATSY and CLOE are finding it increasingly difficult to resist accepting gifts from grateful virus victims.

LEX returns to the gambling den, where he was once beaten up and ignominiously thrown out onto the street – how things do change! The MINDERS and the CROUPIER fawn all over him. You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em – so if you magically can’t lose, why leave?

At the gathering BRAY and DANNI are gradually persuading the other leaders that abandoning weaponry and warfare is an option. But all it would take to destroy the new regime would be one tribe to break ranks…

Just as the vote is taken, the meeting is disrupted by the silent, ominous CHOSEN. One of their number is sick to the point of death: but under THE GUARDIAN’s instruction, he will not accept the antidote. How do you negotiate with people who do not fear dying?

On the outskirts of the city THE CHOSEN pray to their god – the late, great ZOOT. Power and Chaos!

Grudging PATSY brings surprised BRAY a cup of coffee in bed. EBONY’s got ideas above her station – PATSY needs a real job!

At the gambling den LEX is on the winning streak of all time – after a whole night without a loss, even he’s beginning to twig – KC bursts in with the photos he sneaked of TAI-SAN’s lab. So there’s a goldmine waiting for LEX at home, too – but first he and KC will have to lure the incorruptible ALICE away from guard duty…

TRUDY intends to select a full-time caregiver for BRADY from grateful recipients of the antidote. RYAN can save her the trouble: he’s already found the perfect candidate!

An OMINOUS FIGURE begins stalking the Mall Rats – making BOB the dog very uneasy. No one else notices a thing.

ELLIE and JACK actually find something in the antidote building – a broken videotape. They bring it back to the Mall to see if it can be mended for viewing. DANNI watches this process beadily – what’s she so uptight about?

ALICE is by now in a real panic about TAI-SAN, who has been getting steadily more and more sick. Physician, heal thyself! – Between them she and DANNI persuade the workaholic to take a dose of her own medicine. EBONY innocently suggests SPIKE take over guarding of the lab to free ALICE to look after TAI-SAN – not a chance.

KC, however, with sexy LEXY as his bait, has ALICE hooked. She foolishly leaves him to guard the lab while she goes in search of her main squeeze. KC slips in – and has a gas.

PATSY’s first day on the job as BRADY’s new minder. She, TRUDY and BRAY take the baby to the park for the afternoon. The OMINOUS FIGURE follows, unseen.

TAI-SAN is furious ALICE has left the lab in KC’s tender care. Sick as she is, she goes back to work. She reaches for a match to light a bunsen burner – and has no idea of the danger she is in…

…while in the park PATSY screams: something has happened to BRADY…”