Tribe 5 – Episode 10

As the solar eclipse draws to an end, EBONY’s world spins drastically out of control. What’s MEGA doing there? And did she really see him zap ZOOT? But her curiosity will have to remain unsatisfied, after all her public is waiting.

From a distance, LEX and RAM watch as the whole city turns Zoot-crazy. The situation suddenly escalates, when a member of the crowd spots RAM! It’s a close call, with RAM on the brink of being reformatted. LEX comes to his resuce and saves RAM for the baying crowd.

JAY and JACK carry the wounded AMBER back to the Mall. It’s not long before the Mall Rats are in a frenzy. With the city drenched in anarchy, JAY orders a complete lockdown of the Mall. Meanwhile AMBER’s condition worsens, JAY asks for TRUDY’s assistance.

At the scene of the resurrection, SLADE spies on two techno troops. They strip DARRYL of his ZOOT costume and dispose of his body in a nearby dumpster.

Meanwhile, JAVA and MEGA are in a heated debate, concerning ZOOT’s unexpected assassination and EBONY’s take on the event. Perhaps if JAVA increased EBONY’s dosage of Paradise, she’d be more reluctant to ask unfavourable questions…

Power and Chaos rips through the city like a plague. Fires have broken out, and as the situations reaches critical, survival becomes the utmost priority.

SIVA takes a shot at being the voice of reason, but EBONY refuses to listen. As SIVA finally cracks the ice, JAVA returns – ZOOT’s alive and he’s very pleased! After EBONY departs for a quick nap, JAVA throws daggers at SIVA. It’s about time SIVA made up her mind on which side she wants to be on.

A desperate plea for more troops does little to persuade MEGA. JAY and the Mall Rats will have get by on their own. It’s time for JAY to impose his own measures.

Back at the Mall, JACK asks MOUSE to help him set a booby trap.

SALENE is pessimistic and breaks down into a sobbing mess. TRUDY relates and offers comfort.

In Liberty, LEX and RAM return. RUBY shows concern for the missing SLADE, while LEX explains why he saved RAM from the mob – his day of reckoning will come, but on LEX’s terms.

As the sun sets, the Mall Rats are on high-alert. GEL slacks off at her post, but perhaps she just wants to be around JACK – does she have a shine for him? In either case, JACK has no time for a juvenile crush, he’s certain that ZOOT was a fake. It’s time for “ELLIE & JACK Super Sleuths” to reunite!

But while JACK and ELLIE speculate RAM’s involvement, the man himself theorizes on the recent chain of events. LEX’s ears perk, as RAM explains EBONY’s role in MEGA’s master plan. It becomes evident that RAM and LEX share a common enemy.

JAVA gives EBONY a large dose of Paradise, transporting her into a state of Zoot-filled dreams.

Over in the hotel, JAY is in a war council with MEGA. He explains his plan to seal off the sector and hold back all electricity, food and water supplies from the rest of the city.

Back at the Mall, TRUDY finds AMBER collapsed on the floor and without a pulse!

A crowd of anxious Mall Rats surround the unconscious AMBER. ELLIE suggests they play music to help awake her from the coma. JAY tries a different approach, and talks compassionately to AMBER. An envious TRUDY looks on.

Outside, MEGA’s Techno troops establish a barricade around the sector and begin the task of banishing the ZOOTISTS.

MEGA makes it clear, if the ZOOTISTS try to re-enter, only warning shots are to be fired – no unnecessary bloodshed.
At the school, EBONY awakes after dreaming of ZOOT. SIVA enters and again tries to convince her sister of the truth. But ZOOT warned EBONY about the unbelievers! She wants nothing to do with SIVA or her blasphemy.

Over at the sector checkpoint, JAVA and her horde of ZOOT SISTERS demand re-entry. The TECHNOS fire warning shots as the mob begin to break through the barricade. The Techno LIEUTENANT makes a plea on his headset to MEGA, for the approval of lethal force. With no concern, MEGA ignores the request. Within moments the perimeter is compromised and the TECHNOS are taken out.

In the Mall, JACK delivers an urgent message for JAY. He must meet with MEGA immediately. This leaves TRUDY alone to take care of AMBER. Meanwhile, MOUSE, GEL and SAMMY see to BRADY and BABY BRAY. When the pressure mounts and the babies start to cry, GEL goes to SALENE for assistance. But SALENE is in no mood to baby-sit. GEL accuses her of being selfish. SALENE is outraged!

JAY inspects what’s left of the barricade. Lethal force isn’t the answer, it’ll only make martyrs of the ZOOTISTS. MEGA suggests they construct an electric fence.

Miles away, in Liberty, LEX goes fishing for answers. He’s desperate to know what RAM’s up to. But under strict instructions from SLADE, RAM’s lips are sealed. RUBY doesn’t offer any information either – she’s in the dark as much as LEX is. So perhaps SLADE isn’t attentive enough to RUBY’s needs. Maybe a relationship with LEX is on the horizon. But RUBY needs a little time to think it over – like till hell freezes over!

JAVA’s ready to roll heads and SIVA’s first in line. It’s time SIVA knew her place, because if she doesn’t smarten up she can try her luck in the outside world!

By AMBER’s side, TRUDY pleads for her friend’s survival. JAY returns from his meeting with MEGA. TRUDY sobs – if AMBER dies she’d never forgive herself. As if to answer TRUDY’s prayers, AMBER awakes. She’s weak, but alive!

Up on the roof, MAY finds SALENE all alone. MAY offers to share a bottle of hooch to help break the ice. The conversation is friendly, until MAY makes a confession. SALENE’s furious that MAY had a message from PRIDE and kept it to herself. Stung, MAY venomously exclaims that PRIDES dying words were “I love you, MAY”!

EBONY, JAVA and their band of ZOOT SISTERS wipe out a trading market. SLADE avoids being spotted by the skin of his teeth, but scores a peak at a very depressed EBONY.

At the hotel, MEGA and JAVA go over the master plan. JAVA voices her concern about EBONY – she’s about as scary as a rag doll. But EBONY is JAVA’s concern, not MEGA’s.

Asleep, EBONY is suddenly awoken by the mysterious stranger, SLADE. It seems to him, EBONY could do with some help!