Tribe 5 – Episode 9

MOUSE and SAMMY watch from the Mall as Zootists noisily count down to the coming of Zoot. MOUSE reiterates to SAMMY that ZOOT is dead.

The Mall Rats are disjointed and beset by their own problems.

SLADE returns to Liberty to find LEX handcuff- less and notices a closeness and mutual admiration that is developing between LEX and RUBY. SLADE fills the other two in on the happenings in the city and LEX explains that EBONY is officially still married to RAM.

JAY assures TRUDY that she’s the one for him.

MAY continues to report disunity amongst the Mall Rats to MEGA who is still concerned over the JACK threat. MEGA is increasingly frustrated by DARRYL; DARRYL telling MAY too much about the ‘Zoot Resurrection’ plans.

AMBER does not appreciate frivolous GEL’s attempts to lighten her load. GEL offers a makeover to help her deal with her JAY crisis and AMBER reacts angrily.

JACK has a brain wave, and comes to the conclusion that the ZOOT resurrection is going to take place during a solar eclipse, hence the “Shadow at Noon” expression.

JAVA offers to take ELLIE to see her friends and ELLIE is grateful. ELLIE is a pawn in JAVA’s game.

JAY suggests that TRUDY may temporarily want some space from him but she begs him not to leave her.

In the Saloon, RAM and LEX bicker and RAM beats LEX in an arm wrestle.

JAVA drops ELLIE at the Mall. The Mall Rats are delighted to see her after all of this time but it soon becomes obvious that she has very little recollection of who they actually are. JACK is particularly pleased to see ELLIE.

SLADE warns LEX to go easy on RAM. The present goings on are not RAM’s fault according to what SLADE observed in the city. LEX gives SLADE some further background information in regard to EBONY’s vicious reputation. He notices SLADE’s interest in EBONY and warns him to stay well clear. RAM enters, once again proclaiming his innocence to LEX. RAM suggests that MEGA and EBONY are working together.

JAVA discloses to SIVA that ELLIE is booby trapped with a bomb. SIVA objects to cold blooded murder while EBONY is supportive of the plan. MEGA, previously unaware of the bomb plan, watches the conversation on a CCTV monitor in the hotel.

JACK and ELLIE are in conversation when ELLIE refers to the nice girl who brought her to the Mall. JACK clicks immediately and realises that this is a trap. He hollers for everybody to vacate the premises.

JACK finds Ellie’s bag and desperately tries to open it. Meanwhile, at the school JAVA gestures to EBONY that she should press the button in order to detonate the bomb that is in the bag.

MEGA storms into the classroom and tries persuading JAVA and EBONY not to press the button as it is not part of ‘the plan.’ JAVA disobeys his orders and detonates the bomb.

JACK has escaped from the Mall and the bag has exploded amongst wasteland. He is unharmed and welcomed back into the mall as a hero. SALENE realises how dangerous the sisters are. The Mall Rats decide that action is required – JAY says he will ask AMBER to attempt to talk to the people and explain the truth about ZOOT. The good news is that the shock of the events has brought ELLIE’s memory back.

MEGA is furious with JAVA regarding the failed bomb attempt and instructs her to report to him back at the hotel. EBONY is confused as to why MEGA is there; as far as she was aware he was still on the side of the Mall Rats.

MAY is annoyed with MEGA regarding the bomb attempt and the risk it put her under. He tells her of his innocence in the whole matter. MAY comes across DARRYL suffering from stage fright and self-doubt before the big resurrection event. MEGA reassures him that everything will be alright.

SLADE is ready to depart LIBERTY for the ‘resurrection’ show. RAM and LEX are both keen to go as well despite the personal risk involved for them both. SLADE manages to arrange transport for them into the city, by commandeering an old truck. SLADE will take his bike.

With TRUDY’s permission, JAY approaches AMBER and asks her to speak to the people and, although visibly cool towards JAY, she agrees for the sake of her child.

JAVA visits MEGA and apologises for her rash behaviour with the bomb. MEGA reiterates the need for JAVA to follow their plan properly.

SIVA tries to persuade EBONY to come to her senses. She explains the whole business about the ZOOT impostor and the manipulation of EBONY’s mind through Paradise. EBONY is too far gone to take notice and shrugs SIVA off as a doubting non-believer.

LEX and RAM enter the city in the old truck, and park not far from the site of the awaiting resurrection. This will act as a good place to watch proceedings from while at the same time remaining undetected. SLADE tells them that he is going to go up even closer to the action.

SIVA explains her distrust of MEGA to JAVA. JAVA responds by saying that it is MEGA and EBONY who will be cut out of the loop eventually and that the two sisters will reign supreme.

AMBER approaches the site of the anticipated resurrection with JAY, JACK and some tribesters. AMBER steps up and tries talking to the expectant crowd but she is pushed to one side by burly kids. She appears badly injured.

The show begins with EBONY and then ZOOT(DARRYL) appearing , to gasps from the crowd. JAY cradles the unconscious AMBER in his arms as they follow the dramatic proceedings. The group decide to head back to the Mall.

After his appearance as ZOOT, DARRYL is cocky and pleased with his performance. He loves the applause and wants to go back on but MEGA tells him not to. DARRYL openly disobeys him so MEGA zaps him. EBONY cannot believe what she is seeing, MEGA shooting her god.