Tribe 5 – Episode 12

At the Zoo, the disguised LEX is being kept prisoner. He is keeping his head down as he does not want to be recognised as ZOOT’s killer.

JACK and ELLIE are enjoying their bedroom antics immensely.

MEGA hauls JAVA over the coals for not keeping a proper eye on SIVA. MEGA reveals his information about SIVA’s meetings with this ‘mystery man'(SLADE)and orders JAVA to bring SIVA in to see him. While trying to affirm EBONY, SIVA is dragged off by ZOOTIST guards.

MOUSE relives memories of PRIDE by touching his belongings. MOUSE is sick of the Mall rats and tells TRUDY that she wants to go and live with the Ecos – immediately!

Drunk SALENE is given a break by a forgiving Techno Commander who remembers her for a good deed. He lets her off from having to report to the power station for work.

ELLIE discovers GEL on JACK’s computer. GEL says she was just playing a game but ELLIE suspects more. ELLIE tells JACK about GEL messing around on his computer and insinuates that she is the mystery hacker. JACK is doubtful at first but agrees later to set up a web cam to catch the person at it.

At the zoo, LEX is recognised by an old foe, JAGO the casino manager, who reminds LEX of some dodgy deals in which LEX has not kept his side of the bargain. LEX, determined not to be recognised, is prepared to give up almost anything including his shoes to JAGO, who takes full advantage of the situation with some good old fashioned blackmail.

AMBER finds SAMMY hiding, determined not to have to turn up for the work party again. AMBER agrees to accompany him this time and he seems a bit happier with that prospect. AMBER and SAMMY are herded like animals through the barrier, into the work zone. Their barcodes are scanned as they leave the safe zone.

SLADE spots a first aid box in an old hospital but is disappointed to find the box empty. Later he comes across a cubicle containing medical supplies, and helps himself to bandages and disinfectant.

JAY complains to MEGA about the guards’ treatment of workers and recommends re-training. He also suggests strengthening militia numbers in order to expand the safe zone. MEGA seems quite happy with this prospect.

RAM appears in the Saloon and determinedly walks from one side of the bar to the other. Jeers turn to cheers from the on looking crowd.

JACK and ELLIE’s progress is once again interrupted, this time by the flashing light of the camera. The camera has filmed the computer infiltrator and to JACK and ELLIE’s surprise, it turns out to be MAY. They both agree to keep it a secret and follow MAY to find out the extent of her malevolence.

SIVA is interrogated by MEGA and JAVA. MEGA wants to know who SIVA has been meeting with in secret. She holds out until she is strapped with electrodes and threatened with electrocution. Meanwhile, EBONY is cleverly avoiding JAVA’s nightly dose of Paradise.

Back in the hospital, SLADE enters a ward with his supplies. Who should he be keeping there but the ZOOT impersonator himself, DARRYL.

It is morning and JAVA comes into EBONY’s room, offering breakfast. EBONY feigns being spaced out and Paradise affected. EBONY says that ZOOT visited her the previous night and predicted a blessing on JAVA but EBONY is purposely cagey about the details.

At the zoo, JAGO wears LEX’s boots as the blackmail continues. SIVA is bundled into the next cage. SIVA tells LEX how JAVA and her fell out and the full story on MEGA.

In the deserted hospital, DARRYL’s sleep is haunted by visions of MEGA. On waking, he asks why SLADE is bothering to help him. SLADE replies that he would “hate to see a life wasted.”

JACK hands ELLIE a two way radio so that the two can call each other if MAY leaves the Mall. Later, they use the radios and attempt to follow MAY to find out who she is spying for.

Amber complains to MEGA about the violent guards who supervise the work parties. MEGA assures her that the guards will undergo retraining. She later complains to JAY about JAY’s insistence for an increased militia.

MOUSE’s bag is packed but JAY and TRUDY try to talk her out of going to live with the ECO’s. She is later picked up by some of MEGA’s technos out in the city. MEGA returns her to the relieved Mall Rats who were about to send out a search party.

JAVA tells EBONY that SIVA is an unbeliever and that she has been caged in the zoo. EBONY tells JAVA that she can expect the greatest blessing from ZOOT; to be admitted into his kingdom. She explains, however, that JAVA would have to be dead for this to properly occur.

RAM attempts to walk without crutches to the end of the street and back. He is heckled and bullied on the return leg of the trip by thugs. RUBY saves him from serious injury. Whilst tending to his wounds, RUBY warns him that there is a fear of RAM and his reputation in the city and that similar reprisals may be on the cards. RAM admits that Paradise was a big mistake.

At the zoo, when JAGO asks for LEX’s coat, LEX decides that enough is enough and floors JAGO. JAGO starts to shout out the truth about LEX but, surprisingly, the prisoners are all on LEX’s side and treat him as something of a hero for killing ZOOT. JAGO is dealt to and gagged by the prisoners. SIVA decides on an escape plan and it is executed brilliantly. All prisoners escape including LEX and SIVA.

In front of JAVA, EBONY sends the guards responsible for the escape to Sector 15 in chains. EBONY appears to be getting the upper hand over JAVA and tells her that SIVA must be found. We are very aware that EBONY is trying to keep up appearances to JAVA.

LEX and SIVA approach the barrier with their preferred destination being the Mall. After seeing the electric fence, LEX decides on the Love Shack as temporary accommodation. SIVA is not convinced, but the roaming guards throughout the city soon give her no choice but to stay there the night. Any thoughts of romance rekindled are quickly quashed by SIVA, who makes LEX sleep on the floor.

EBONY, in disguise, comes upon SAMMY at the work centre. She sends a request to the Mall to meet alone with AMBER. SAMMY returns to the Mall with the request. AMBER knows she must attend the meeting, despite everyone’s distrust of EBONY.