Tribe 5 – Episode 13

Despite JAY and TRUDY’s concern, AMBER ventures outside the safety zone, on route to her meeting with EBONY.
In LEX’S Love Shack, SIVA awakes in LEX’s bed. To LEX’s disappointment he was made to sleep on the floor!

EBONY has JAVA concerned – ZOOT is having quite an unfavourable impression on EBONY. To make matters worse, it’s discovered that SIVA was amongst those who escaped in the prison out-break!

Inside the Mall, JACK and ELLIE discuss MAY the spy’s movements. A sudden interruption by the lady herself leaves both JACK and ElLIE deeply troubled – is their cover blown?

MOUSE and SAMMY are bickering. MOUSE is close to tears because SAMMY called her a tree-hugger! A not-so sober SALENE finds all this quite amusing.

SLADE returns to the hospital. DARRYL isn’t impressed – SLADE has no idea what it’s like being the only patient in a hospital. Perhaps it’s time for DARRYL to leave and go out on his own. SLADE persuades him to stick around – after all DARRYL isn’t completely recovered yet.

It’s face off time between AMBER and EBONY, or is it? AMBER is second On EBONY’s list for revenge. It’s MEGA at number one, with a bullet! EBONY spills the beans on the holograms, virtual reality, everything!

Jack and Ellie super-sleuths get their big break. Having followed MAY to a car park, the duo spy MAY meeting with MEGA – but why?

In another part of town, EBONY answers the exact same question for AMBER. It was MEGA all along. He and JAVA planned it before RAM was even defeated! EBONY suggests an alliance, but the ever-democratic AMBER wants to discuss it with the other Mall Rats first.

Back in the Hotel, MEGA has no idea that his bag of tricks has been revealed. However, MEGA does require more troops and orders JAVA to recruit some of EBONY’s ZOOTISTS. JAVA expresses her own concern – EBONY’s flying off the walls with the whole ZOOT thing. Perhaps that last dose of Paradise was a little too strong!

Meanwhile, back at the Mall, the tribe want nothing to do with EBONY or her lies. AMBER stands alone, arguing that everything EBONY said fits. JAY refuses to believe MEGA’s not on the level. JACK and ELLIE enter, having just witnessed MAY and MEGA’s secret meeting. They offer a startling revelation to the meeting.

LEX leads SIVA on the journey to Liberty. SIVA suddenly remembers her appointment with the mysterious, SLADE. But it’s too late now, she’d never make it in time.

MAY joins the Mall Rat meeting, only to find she’s the topic of conversation. With accusations coming left right and centre, MAY plays it cool – afterall isn’t MEGA one of the good guys? No ones convinced and MAY’s sentenced to the cage!

In Liberty, LEX and SIVA check into the Saloon. SIVA spots a couple of thugs picking on a defenceless cripple and is offended by their brutality. She takes up a fighting stance and the thugs desist. The cripple turns to thank her – it’s RAM!
JAY locks himself inside with MAY. He’s going to get the information out of her by any means necessary.

EBONY warns SLADE not to meet with SIVA. If JAVA and MEGA know about the meet, they’ll surely have set a trap. From a safe distance, SLADE and EBONY approach the meeting point – it’s littered with Technos. SLADE owes her one. Partners?

With their worst fears confirmed, the Mall Rats discuss MEGA and MAY’s future. As AMBER points out, they do have one thing in their favour, MEGA doesn’t know they’re on to him. If they catch him off guard, they might be able to bring an end to the power and chaos!

The band of Mall Rats approach MAY. If their plan is to stand any chance of success they’re going to need her help. MAY oozes defiance.

In Liberty, SIVA and RUBY get to know each other. It seems they have at least one thing in common – LEX’s baited attention. RAM is also a popular subject for the ladies. RUBY expresses concern, but SIVA assures her she has nothing to worry about – he’s useless without his precious computers!

Meanwhile, SLADE and EBONY discuss MEGA. SLADE’s eager to know the man’s weakness. With EBONY in tow, SLADE heads off to reveal his secret weapon!

In the Mall, SALENE has a one on one talk with MAY. Is it possible she feels a little sympathy for her? MAY opens up, the Mall Rats never accepted her. MEGA cared for her more then they ever did. SALENE feels they have a lot in common.
SLADE and EBONY make it to the hospital. EBONY’s shocked to see ZOOT, or at least his look alike, DARRYL. After EBONY calms herself, DARRYL fills her and SLADE in on how he came to play the biggest role of his life.

Putting the cart before the horse, TRUDY is all ready to elect JAY as the new city leader. JAY exclaims that he’d rather he and AMBER do it together – as partners. TRUDY is more then a little jealous.

In the hotel, MEGA predicts escapee, SIVA will return to the Mall. In the meantime he has an appointment with MAY to keep. He has no idea of what awaits him.

With most the Mall Rats in a fluster, MOUSE takes the opportunity to quietly slip away. She takes a loaf of bread and sets off in search of the Ecos.

At the rendezvous point, MAY meets with MEGA. Before MAY can warn him, the Mall Rats spring out and confront the phantom menace. For MEGA it’s water off a ducks back. The final ace is revealed when a band of armed Technos surround our heroes.

In the Mall, SAMMY finds a farewell note from MOUSE, and takes it to SALENE. Without a moment of hesitation she sets out in search of MOUSE.

Having tricked RAM into temporarily leaving his room, RUBY takes a look at his handy work. A graphic of a human brain, makes RUBY think the worst – Paradise reborn. She lines up her baseball bat, ready to smash the hardware into pieces. RAM intervenes, not a moment to soon. Its not what she thinks. RAM explains its for SLADE – there’s something wrong with him and he doesn’t have long to live!

Having taken the Mall Rats back to the hotel, MEGA reveals all. Simple Mythology requires a bad guy, ZOOT and heroes, the Mall Rats. MEGA concludes by offering a proposition, if the Mall Rats endorse his new regime, they’ll be treated like royalty, as MEGA’s figurehead. The Mall Rats refuse to be bought – the answer is NO! But they’re still no threat to MEGA or his plan, so they’re free to go.

SALENE finds MOUSE trekking through the woods. MOUSE is adamant about joining the Ecos. With MOUSE’s happiness in mind, SALENE aggress to escort MOUSE to the Eco settlement.

EBONY is defensive – why is SLADE always following her. What’s his gig? SLADE can’t tell her, he has to show her. Without a trace of hesitation SLADE passionately kisses EBONY!