Tribe 5 – Episode 14

HawkEBONY is hostile to SLADE’s attempts to kiss her. On his second attempt, she bites his lip. DARRYL looks on and warns SLADE that he is playing with fire.

JAVA is annoyed with MEGA. She thinks that he should have wasted the Mall Rats when he had the chance. MEGA tells her that the Mall Rats are more use to him alive and that he will ‘eliminate’ any problems.

The Mall Rats are despondent after Mega has outwitted them. JACK and AMBER suggest laying low and letting MEGA think he’s won them over. JAY is doubtful.

SAMMY wants action. AMBER notes that MEGA is dividing the Mall Rats already.

RUBY and RAM play checkers in the Saloon. RUBY wants to know how RAM plans to save SLADE but she becomes frustrated by RAM’s caginess. RAM expresses a genuine desire to help SLADE but both RUBY and LEX are sceptical of this new founded compassion.

MayJACK is denied access to his computer files. MAY notes this as she passes.

SIVA is bored in Liberty. LEX tries to reassure her but SIVA talks of him letting her down constantly. LEX leaves in a huff.

JAVA appears to get EBONY to agree to unite against the “double crossing” MEGA.

In the countryside, alcohol dependant SALENE seeks reassurance from MOUSE.

In the SALOON, LEX tries chatting up SIVA and RUBY uses her wile in convincing LEX to do the washing up.
JACK is working at his computer while ELLIE tries to persuade him to come to bed to resume the fun and games. JACK hesitancy is overcome when ELLIE tells him that she is taking the appropriate ‘precautions.’

RUBY recommends LIBERTY as a good place for SIVA to settle. SIVA warns RUBY that while RAM is there, none of them are safe.

Under the cover of darkness, DARRYL and SLADE leave the hospital on foot. They narrowly avoid capture by the marauding Zootists.

Slade and RubyIn the morning, SALENE and MOUSE believe themselves lost. SALENE runs away from MOUSE whilst hallucinating. MOUSE with Eco leader, HAWK, in tow finds SALENE and they go back to the Eco Camp together.

JAVA’s communicator flashes while she is asleep. It is MEGA trying to contact her. EBONY is on hand and switches the communicator off.

The Mall Rats, apart from JAY, agree to fight the Technos from the ‘inside.’ They surmise that they don’t stand a chance on the ‘outside.’ Amber wants MEGA to think that they are going along with his plans. While JAY wants everyone to make their own decisions as to their own course of action, the majority wish to stick together as a group in order to overcome the MEGA threat.

While toying with a spider, EBONY imprisons JAVA and sarcastically ‘thanks’ her for giving her power. EBONY declares that it is time to get even.

Darryl Ram LexA captive of EBONY in the zoo, JAVA paces back and forward in her cage. Meanwhile, MEGA has no luck in raising JAVA on her communicator. He does not know it but the communicator is in the hands of JAVA’s captor, EBONY.

TRUDY and JAY have a disagreement about how they should deal to MEGA. TRUDY believes that the Mall Rats decision to fight from the inside is the right one.

JACK’s bedroom exploits with ELLIE are so all consuming that he misses the meeting completely.

MOUSE asks HAWK if she can stay on with the ECOS and after consultation with the other Ecos, it is decided that she can. SALENE makes the decision to go back as she is a city slicker at heart.

SLADE and an apprehensive DARRYL make their way towards Liberty. On arrival in the Saloon, DARRYL is relieved that SIVA does not recognise him.

EBONY appears to JAVA like she still believes in the ZOOT visitations. This is despite the captive JAVA coming clean about the extreme doses of paradise that have addled EBONY’s mind.

In the café, the Mall Rats vote to expel MAY from the Mall. MAY vows that the Mall Rats will be sorry for their actions.

DarrylIn the Saloon, DARRYL brags that he is a martial arts expert and lies that he helped SLADE out of a tricky situation. SIVA extinguishes his bravado in one precise martial arts move.

RUBY shows uncharacteristic charity to SLADE and he soon realises that RAM has spilled the beans to her about his illness. RAM explains to SLADE that he had to tell RUBY because she threatened the computer equipment. SLADE accepts his explanation but warns him not to tell anybody else.

In the Operations Room, the Technos report back to MEGA that there is no sign of JAVA. He is keeping a careful eye, however, on goings on in the Mall thanks to CCTV monitors.

MOUSE is the centre of an initiation ceremony amongst the Ecos. SALENE looks on tearfully. Afterwards, SALENE farewells her little friend and promises that she will get a handle on her drinking problem.

MAY looks for sympathy from MEGA but he is having none of it and throws her out of the sector. She is filled with hate and further thoughts of revenge.

AMBER confides to TRUDY that she wishes JAY would help her lead the fight against MEGA. JAY’s ambivalence is apparent from the earlier meeting.

MEGA has got a mystery message on JAVA’s communicator which draws him to the zoo. He sees JAVA in a cage but decides not to let her go. He meets with EBONY who is wrathful mood and tells him “From now on, it’s war!”