Tribe 5 – Episode 18

LEX has arrived back at the Mall and is bragging about how he escaped from the zoo. He mentions that RAM is staying in Liberty and that he is not as bad as all that after all. GEL is particularly thrilled to see LEX. LEX tells the Mall Rats that he saw JAY on his travels and puts his foot in it completely with TRUDY.

JAVA studies the note that was mysteriously dropped off to her. It reads “Ram is Alive.” She rips it up before MEGA sees it.

DARRYL, the relieving Casino Manager in LEX’s absence, makes a move on EBONY. He is quickly repelled.
AMBER gently ribs GEL over her infatuation with LEX. SALENE returns to the Mall.

The Mall Rats are thrilled to see her but far from pleased to see the accompanying MAY. SALENE is adamant that bygones should be bygones and that MAY should be allowed to stay. SALENE argues with AMBER and SALENE fires accusations regarding AMBER’s role as ‘puppet’ to MEGA.

A Techno informs JACK that MEGA wants to meet with him. ELLIE reminds him that this is what they have been working for – the chance for him to infiltrate MEGA’s headquarters. MEGA meets with JACK and asks him if he’d like to come and work in the hotel. MEGA shows off his fancy technology as a ‘carrot.’ MEGA invites JACK to dinner.

AMBER apologises to SALENE for giving her a cool reception. AMBER explains the reasons why she is doing the citynet broadcast – she hopes to bring MEGA down from the inside. AMBER also tells SALENE about MEGA’s threats and manipulation. SALENE suggests that it is quite likely that MAY was manipulated in the same way by MEGA. She asks AMBER to forgive MAY. As a result, AMBER approaches MAY and says she can stay for the time being.

JAY arrives in Liberty and asks SLADE where EBONY is. SLADE is reluctant to tell him and advises JAY to watch whose toes he steps on in Liberty.

Meanwhile, some refugees approach EBONY menacingly. Isn’t she the one who they’ve gone through hell for? As they threaten her, DARRYL appears as ZOOT. In order to appease the refugees, he reveals himself to be DARRYL and explains that EBONY had been tricked just like them. EBONY thanks DARRYL for saving her from the refugees. She is coming to realise that is going to be nigh impossible to lead a rebellion if the refugees’ reaction to her is any indication of her public profile.

JACK tells ELLIE and LEX about an invite to dinner with MEGA. LEX sees it as an opportunity for JACK to get hold of the ‘resistance’ software which is required to upgrade the virtual reality casino. ELLIE says that it is too soon for JACK to be taking such risks.

AMBER agrees with SALENE that MAY has been the victim of MEGA’s manipulation.

SLADE enters the Saloon with JAY. On seeing RAM, JAY reacts immediately and has to be physically restrained by SLADE, SIVA and RUBY. During the fracas, LOTTIE

Pockets a computer component that RAM was working on. She adds it to a private stash of pilfered items.

GEL invites LEX to an intimate dinner. LEX, always the opportunist, decides to play along, anticipating some action with GEL. He fancies his chances as GEL becomes even more besotted with him after a few wines. The wine is too much for GEL and she falls asleep. This puts an end to LEX’s intentions.

JAVA is working in the Operations Room when a Compact Disc is thrown into the room. Once again the secret messenger gets away. JAVA plays the CD and the message “Ram’s still out there Javee” is heard.

Over a sumptuous array of delicacies, MEGA outlines his plans for JACK. MEGA wants JACK to design an ‘electronic correction system’ and JACK is to be MEGA’s ‘chief punisher.’

JAY walks in on EBONY, who has just finished ‘liasing’ with a good looking youth. JAY and EBONY are cool with each other. JAY tells EBONY about his relationship with TRUDY. JAY asks EBONY if she will join an alliance to topple MEGA. She would only consider it if RAM is a member of the alliance as well.

JACK appears reluctant to tell ELLIE about the job that MEGA has outlined.

While AMBER peruses scripts for a citynet broadcast, JAVA approaches. JAVA tells AMBER that JACK is helping MEGA design punishment for rebels and dissenters.

LEX is once again impatient to get hold of the software from the hotel. LEX wants to steal it himself. All he needs is for JACK to tell him how to get to it. JACK says it is still too early and that LEX will just have to wait.

DARRYL is set upon by a gang of thugs. RUBY patches up his wounds. DARRYL admits that this is what he deserves for his actions; he blames himself for the refugees being homeless.

MEGA reassures JAVA that even with RAM alive, their alliance is invincible. JAVA is a still apprehensive.

In front of the Mall Rats, AMBER confronts JACK about the information she heard from JAVA. JACK admits that he agreed to design a punishment system for dishing out pain.

On the Lower Concourse, LEX propositions MAY. GEL overhears the proposition and storms off in a huff
MAY is then dismissive of LEX and gives him the cold shoulder. A jealous GEL confronts LEX and tells him about MAY’s betrayal.

ELLIE is furious with JACK – how dare he keep the ‘punishment system’ issue from her. JACK is defensive. He says that at least with him in charge, he will be able to modify the system and turn it to the Mall Rats’ advantage. ELLIE realises the validity of this argument.

JAY, with the support of EBONY, asks RAM to join the alliance against MEGA. The discussion turns into an all out argument about leadership. SLADE indicates that MEGA has got little to worry about if this is an indication of their solidarity.

SIVA thanks DARRYL for helping EBONY out against the refugees the day before.

MEGA visits AMBER to make sure she has got everything she needs. TRUDY asks AMBER if she asked MEGA about JAY but she had not.

RAM, EBONY and JAY ask SLADE to head up the alliance against MEGA. SLADE says he does not want to but JAY urges him to have a good think about it.

LEX, who has just been told the truth about MAY’s betrayal by GEL, comes into SALENE’s room to give MAY a piece of his mind. He does not expect the full on attack which he is treated to by SALENE.

EBONY is playing hard to get with SLADE but assures him that he is the best one to lead an alliance with MEGA. He would crawl over broken glass for her.

SLADE and RUBY have a heart to heart. It’s obvious that RUBY still likes SLADE and he takes up her offer of helping him get to sleep.

SALENE and MAY have converted SALENE’s room into one they can share. SALENE pins a picture of PRIDE to the wall between the two beds. MAY admits the whole story of her deception to SALENE. This includes that PRIDE’s final words were actually “Tell Salene I love her…”