Tribe 5 – Episode 19

The next morning, RUBY awakes after a night with SLADE. While making breakfast RUBY warns EBONY that SLADE is off limits. RUBY takes the breakfast to SLADE and promises to stand by him in the face of his terminal condition. SLADE is feeling a little guilty for keeping the charade going.

LEX gives JACK a hard time about working for MEGA. LEX tells GEL that he is leaving and that she cannot come with him. When LEX does leave the Mall, GEL secretly follows him.

SALENE and MAY are still uncomfortable about the previous night’s confession. MAY thanks SALENE for forgiving her for her deceit.

JACK works on the first prototype of the punishment model in MEGA’s Operations Room. MEGA deletes his first attempt as it is far too lenient and does not involve enough pain and suffering. MEGA gives JACK only four hours to come up with something better…or else.

Struck by a LEX obsession, GEL asks for kissing advice from MAY and SALENE.

In the hotel, JAVA finds a note from RAM which invites her to meet him that evening. She hurriedly destroys the evidence.

JACK shows MEGA prototype no.2. MEGA likes it but thinks it is too soft on the victim. He wants the voltage increased and the odds of punishment shortened. AMBER enters and shows her displeasure and refuses to have anything to do with the programme.

EBONY checks out the lie of the land between SLADE and RUBY, SLADE insinuating that their relationship is semi-casual – ‘an understanding.’

AMBER is checking out a hiding place in case of emergency for BABY BRAY. She expects a backlash from MEGA in retaliation for her opposition to the ‘punishment game.’ TRUDY tells AMBER that she must go along with MEGA’s plans, for her baby’s sake.

Tracking LEX, GEL is afraid that she has lost him when he accosts her from behind a rock. Begrudgingly, LEX agrees to let GEL come with him.

SLADE observes RAM riding out of town on SLADE’s motorbike! JAY wants action from SLADE if he is the leader of this so-called alliance. SLADE will not be rushed.

ELLIE is keen to learn more from JACK about the ‘punishment programme’ but JACK is reluctant to tell her.

SIVA and EBONY have a ‘heart to heart’ and vow to spend quality time together. JAY spots LEX, with GEL in tow, approaching down the street.

JAVA arrives at the co-ordinates given in the note she received. It is a rubbish tip and who should be there but ex-beau, RAM. JAVA, once she gets over the initial shock, is enraptured and pledges her love to RAM. RAM persuades her to come back to Liberty with him.

GEL brags to Saloon customers about her and LEX. LEX assures SIVA that it’s only a teenage crush that GEL has on him. JAY is suspicious of RAM’s absence – he’s up to something.

TRUDY confronts JACK, calling him a coward and a traitor, because of the work he is doing for MEGA. It leaves JACK with a wounded pride and a very sore ear.

At lights out, MAY and SALENE are both still feeling nervous. For the moment, neither of them have much to say.

JAVA and RAM awaken in a barn after a night of passion. JAVA is curious about Liberty and wonders why RAM is not the leader of this so-called rebel alliance. It appears as if RAM may have forgiven JAVA.

LEX and GEL share a conversation in the bar. RUBY and SIVA watch from afar. RUBY tells SIVA about SLADE’s so-called ‘terminal illness’ and RUBY explains that she wants to have SLADE’s child before it is all too late.

The Mall Rats are in the Café getting ready for work detail. ELLIE gives JACK the treatment, calling him a traitor. AMBER has fixed it so that SALENE and MAY will be working together at the kindergarten. This does nothing to alleviate their feelings of discomfort.

Returned to Liberty, LEX questions SLADE and JAY as to RAM’s whereabouts. JAY believes RAM may be selling them out to MEGA. LEX almost spills the beans to JAY about his and RAM’s business interests.

SAMMY is worried about GEL. AMBER reassures him, saying that at least falling for the wrong guy(LEX0 will get it out of her system. MEGA arrives and ‘trades’ with AMBER. The curfew will be lifted if AMBER gives her support to the punishment game. Against ELLIE’s wishes, AMBER agrees.

ELLIE is annoyed with JACK. He appears to be enjoying this whole ‘game’ business far too much. AMBER argues that he is just following through what he set out to do – bring MEGA down from the inside.

LEX is suspicious of the relieving Manager, DARRYL, and wants to know why his profits are minimal. He gives him a stern warning about creaming something off the top. RAM appears. LEX says he’s got somebody working on getting the required software. JAVA appears and RAM tries vouching for her. JAVA wants answers from RAM – just what has she got herself in for here?

RUBY wonders what GEL sees in LEX, EBONY gives her advice to GEL – love him and leave him. Suddenly JAVA enters and pulls out a stun gun at EBONY. RAM appeals for calm. JAVA wants to see EBONY go down – today!

JAY wants to confront JAVA as he is scared that she will tell MEGA of their whereabouts and they will be sitting ducks.
RAM and SLADE stop JAY from going over to the barn to see her. EBONY states that JAVA certainly means business this time.

SALENE and MAY are looking after toddlers at the kindergarten. SALENE and MAY agree that they are avoiding the issue and should talk.

In the barn, RAM tries to persuade JAVA not to avenge EBONY. RAM says he cares about JAVA and that she should put aside her feelings of revenge. He expresses concern over JAVA’s safety.

In the Operations Room, JACK shows MEGA his masterwork – the punishment game. MEGA is pleased and JACK cannot help feeling a certain amount of pride in his achievement.

SALENE and MAY agree that they can put it behind them. They’re good friends and they want it to stay that way. Upon her return SALENE resorts once again, to swigging liquor.

In discussion with EBONY, SLADE offers to run JAVA out of town. EBONY wants JAVA to stay -she has big plans for her sister. SLADE tries to stop JAVA from approaching EBONY. JAVA stuns him with her stun gun. RAM pleads with her to leave the gun on ‘stun’ setting for EBONY but she ignores his plea and adjusts the setting.

A crowd gathers for the showdown. EBONY tries reasoning with JAVA but she is having none of it. SIVA tells. LEX that he was always the one for her.

EBONY, in a valiant last effort, tries to persuade JAVA that it is MEGA they should be gunning for. SIVA runs out to try and prevent shooting but, instinctively, JAVA shoots SIVA. EBONY shoots JAVA. Both JAVA and SIVA meet their end.