Tribe 5 – Episode 20

At a graveside in Liberty, mourners are gathered around the graves of SIVA and JAVA. As SLADE says a few words, LEX interrupts – furious that EBONY is still alive while SIVA is not.

AMBER makes a broadcast, thick in MEGA propaganda and threats. MEGA wants her to put a little more heart into her lines in order for them to be more believable.

A trader offers a locket to SAMMY if he sells certain items of ‘merchandise.’ SAMMY tells MAY about the watch offer and inadvertently shows her the merchandise – illegal CD games. Clutching at straws, SAMMY tells MAY about SALENE’s illegal drinking activity – with some other ‘alchies’ down by the railway tracks.

MEGA shows JACK the ‘punishment’ game’s effect on a subject. JACK adds a ‘laughter’ element to the game.

TRUDY tells AMBER that she has been wrong all along and that she shouldn’t have ever recommended that AMBER go along with MEGA’s plans. TRUDY longs for JAY. AMBER is remarkably understanding.

LEX is grieving and moody. LEX warns GEL that every girl he gets close to dies. GEL offers to be there for him. Later, RUBY assists RAM, grieving at the gravesite. He feels responsible for the deaths of JAVA and SIVA.

In the Saloon, JAY suggests to SLADE that they trick MEGA into believing that JAVA is still alive and that she has changed allegiances. SLADE has a plan of his own and it involves DARRYL going back into the city.

Following SAMMY’s tip off, MAY finds SALENE drinking and being chatted up in a Railway Carriage. MAY warns SALENE of her self destructive behaviour. A techno comes in with the intention of closing down the illegal establishment and arresting all of the ‘clients.’ MAY and SALENE make a run for it.

A furious row is developing between JACK and ELLIE over his involvement in the Punishment programme. MEGA watches via the CCTV camera. He also watches AMBER admitting defeat to TRUDY.

SALENE and MAY, having escaped from the techno, vow to just be good friends. They see SAMMY selling off illegal games. He runs off but later, catches up with the trader and cashes in his profits for the locket.

LOTTIE is helping RUBY with some chores. With JAVA and SIVA’s subsequent demise, LOTTIE is feeling guilty about having taken bets on who’d win the duel. They see RAM approaching the gravesite.

Members of the ‘Alliance’ have a meeting in the Saloon and discuss plans and movements. SLADE is to stay in Liberty to persuade EBONY to help. JAY, LEX, DARRYL and GEL are to head back into the city in order to drum up support from tribe leaders, including AMBER. LEX objects to EBONY being in on the alliance but lets it go.

In their room, JACK tells an irate ELLIE, how MEGA and him are going to create order with force. MEGA is watching the action from the Operations Room.

At the tunnel site (used by SALENE and MAY earlier), LEX negotiates successfully with the gang. GEL, DARRYL, JAY and LEX are able to pass into the safe zone. They are almost spotted by Technos as they emerge from the tunnel. LEX and GEL arrive back at the Mall while JAY and DARRYL head elsewhere.

In the studio, JACK and MEGA look on as AMBER begins her propaganda broadcast – talking of the importance of ‘punishment’ measures. The Mall Rats watch the broadcast Under the Stairs in the Mall. Viewers are able to vote for the amount of punishment dished out to the ‘criminal’ on screen. A laughter tracks plays over. ELLIE leaves in disgust.
MEGA shows JACK through a secret entrance into an automated pharmacy. MEGA tells JACK, “We can build a new world.”

In the Saloon, SLADE comforts a broken and mourning EBONY.

ELLIE and JACK argue in their room. JACK is packing to move out of the room. ELLIE stamps on one of JACK’s gadgets, shouting that MEGA has turned JACK into a sadistic creep. The shouting is very audible to the other Mall Rats gathered in the café. ELLIE marches out as if she means business; TRUDY worries that ELLIE may be going to do something ‘crazy.’

In the city, two hooded figures beckon to AMBER. It is JAY and DARRYL. AMBER is thrilled to see JAY and he invites her back to a hideout so that they can talk. At the hideout, JAY introduces DARRYL to AMBER as the Zoot impersonator.

A Techno reports that there is no sign of JAVA. In response, an annoyed MEGA threatens him and tells him that JAVA must be found.

ELLIE enters MEGA’s headquarters and gives him a piece of her mind. She is a girl possessed and ends up trashing MEGA’s computer equipment. MEGA has her restrained and arrested. She has inadvertently volunteered herself as the first ‘guinea pig’ in MEGA’s punishment game.

EBONY asks SLADE why he has chosen to chase her when he could just about have any woman he chooses. RAM reassures SLADE that they are on the same side – he says that he does not want to avenge JAVA’s death.

LEX has some advice to SAMMY – play hard to get with GEL – “act like you’re not interested.” This backfires on him when GEL calls his bluff by making out that she will talk to LEX instead and returning the locket. SAMMY once again panders to her every whim.

In the Mall, AMBER tells TRUDY that she has seen JAY and that a meeting has been set up for TRUDY and JAY. The computer buzzes to life with the news of ELLIE being punished ‘live’ on air in the evening.

At the hideout, TRUDY is thrilled to see JAY but it is noticeable that JAY is not quite so enthusiastic. TRUDY tells JAY about ELLIE being a potential victim of MEGA’s punishment game. TRUDY is reluctant to go but JAY insists. Observant DARRYL cannot help but notice JAY keeping a certain distance from TRUDY.

AMBER pleads with MEGA to give ELLIE a second chance. MEGA lets JACK decide ELLIE’s fate. To AMBER’s apparent dismay, JACK says that ELLIE should be punished.

RUBY is interested to quiz SLADE on his intentions and feelings for EBONY. RUBY reminds him that his number one priority should be leading this revolt. Later, EBONY enters SLADE’s room – she’s ready if he is. They kiss.

The Mall Rats watch in horror as ELLIE is a ‘contestant’ in the punishment game, live on City Net. Viewers are able to vote for voltage levels to be administered when she makes a mistake. After a number of initial shocks it appears that ELLIE has made it through the maze safely. In the Operations Room, JACK insists on seeing ELLIE suffer and appears to electrocute her.

A Techno deposits the inanimate body of ELLIE in an alley. A hooded AMBER arrives as the Techno leaves. AMBER gives the all clear, and suddenly ELLIE stands up. She’s fine! The whole thing has been a set up by AMBER, JACK and ELLIE. JACK played his part so well that he almost had AMBER convinced. AMBER tells ELLIE “We’re on our way.”