Tribe 5 – Episode 22

MEGA observes TRUDY, who has stayed the night in a hotel room. He realises that he has a prize to use to his advantage.
EBONY and SLADE have spent the night together in a hideaway. EBONY tries unsuccessfully to get SLADE up as she’s got lots to do. SLADE would prefer to ‘lie in’ with EBONY.

MEGA supplies breakfast for TRUDY and a Teddy Bear for BRADY. MEGA wants to know why TRUDY left the city. When he suggests that it might be something to do with JAY, TRUDY howls.

LEX is surprisingly understanding of GEL’s reluctance to go ‘too far’ with him. LEX resembles a hunter baiting his prey.
RAM attaches a padlock to his door following LOTTIE’s unwelcome visit. RUBY wonders what else RAM might be cooking up apart from a cure for SLADE.

GEL accuses MAY of writing her love letter to LEX. MAY can hardly believe the audacity of the girl; besides she’s been there, done that.

AMBER finds TRUDY in the hotel and tries to make up. TRUDY is having none of it, however, and calls AMBER a traitor for sneaking around with JAY.

EBONY and SLADE cause an explosion at the barricade. Guards run off in all directions and EBONY and SLADE take off with a lorry.

AMBER visits JAY again at his hideout. They are still feeling guilty about TRUDY. JAY is worried that TRUDY may spill the beans to MEGA about where JACK and AMBER’s true allegiances lie.

MEGA tells JACK about TRUDY’s desertion from the Mall. JACK appears to know nothing about the whole business so why should MEGA not believe him?

Eating fruit from the hijacked truck, SLADE tells EBONY about the computer programme that he and RAM have been working on to overthrow MEGA. He also tells her about LEX unwittingly helping by getting hold of MEGA’s core files, in the mistaken belief that they are going to make the Virtual Reality Casino more profitable.

MEGA gets all sentimental with TRUDY. His ploy works and she opens up to him, saying that the reason she left is because JAY ‘cheated’ on her by seeing AMBER. MEGA has the information he required and proof as to AMBER’s deception.

RAM is getting ‘cabin fever,’ cooped up in Liberty and tired of being surrounded by what he regards as fools. After RUBY brings out her baseball bat, RAM comes about as close to an apology that he is likely to come.

SALENE tells MAY that she does not have “those sorts of feelings” for MAY. MAY believes that SALENE is not being honest with herself. SALENE sees it as better if she moves out of the room.

MEGA (who now knows the reason for TRUDY’s distress) plays dumb and asks AMBER if she knows why TRUDY is upset. AMBER replies that she has no idea. MEGA is further convinced of AMBER’s deception.

JACK uses JAVA’s card to access MEGA’s core files in the Operations Room. He does not anticipate the alarm that is set off as a result of him gaining access. MEGA and his Technos rush to the operations room but JACK manages to get out of the door by the skin of his teeth. He has the files copied onto disk.

MEGA inspects the computer and finds that the user comes up as ‘JAVA.’ He puts two and two together and realises that the culprit must be JACK.JACK is a wanted man. Desperate to get out of the City with their disk, LEX and JACK watch the state of confusion which exists at the barricade – nobody is being let in or out. LEX knows another way. They make their way to the black market tunnel but find that MEGA’s technos have found the tunnel and are patrolling it.

MAY is upset over SALENE’s ‘rejection’ but is determined to have one last try in order to change SALENE’s mind. She tries to tell SALENE how much she cares for her but this time SALENE is more assertive in her rejection. MAY decides that the only thing for it is to leave the city.

MEGA tells AMBER that she must do a broadcast to appeal for calm and to ensure that JACK is caught.

The Mall Rats watch AMBER’s broadcast in the Mall. GEL is more interested in AMBER’s appearance than what she is actually saying. GEL is seemingly unconcerned about the extra security measures and checkpoints being established in order to round up the rebels until SAMMY reminds her that LEX will be stuck outside of the city.

MEGA thanks AMBER for the broadcast and suggests that AMBER see TRUDY. AMBER declines the offer. MEGA is privately aware of where AMBER’s true allegiances lie.

On the roof of a warehouse, LEX and JACK manage to leap across a gap, and make it out of the safe zone. JACK almost does not make it, panicking as a group of Technos spot him and raise their stun guns. LEX manages to haul him to safety.
MEGA, uncomfortable in the role, provides support for TRUDY in her assigned hotel room. Managing to extricate himself from TRUDY, MEGA goes to the Operations Room where he sees a red light blinking on a grid upon his computer. He looks satisfied.

GEL has SAMMY wrapped around her finger and gets SAMMY to make coffee and do her nails. GEL tells SALENE that MAY has headed up on to the roof. SALENE panics, thinking that MAY may be likely to do something stupid. SALENE rushes up and, indeed, finds her on the edge of the roof. MAY assures her that she is not going to jump but is simply deciding which direction to head in when she leaves the Mall. SALENE is upset that MAY feels like she has to leave.

MAY tries to leave the city but is sent back at the checkpoint

After their leap to freedom, LEX is in a good mood – spouting about what a great team him and JACK are. Suddenly, JACK thinks he has lost the disk. LEX’s mood quickly changes to blame until JACK locates the disk in the lining of his jacket.

SAMMY, head over heals with GEL, paints her nails. SAMMY hopes that he is the ‘other guy’ that GEL was talking about but GEL dismisses him as only ‘a kid.’ SAMMY storms off.

SALENE tells ELLIE in confidence about MAY’s proposal and subsequent departure. ELLIE offers to go and look for MAY. ELLIE is quite supportive of both SALENE and MAY and the idea of a ‘relationship.’

LEX and JACK arrive in Liberty. LEX expresses confidence to DARRRYL that the disk is the equivalent to a goldmine. LOTTIE watches on.

Soon after, SLADE and EBONY arrive back in Liberty. DARRYL and LEX find out that they have been duped regarding the disk and it’s true use. LEX realises that he has lost the disk. RUBY puts two and two together and suspects LOTTIE. Sure enough, LOTTIE leads her to a stash of pilfered items amongst which is the disk in question.

LEX confronts RAM. LEX is annoyed over the proposed use of the disk and is particularly miffed that that he risked his life to get hold of the disk. RAM says that the disk will be used to bring about democracy but LEX is openly sceptical.
AMBER visits JAY in the hideout. AMBER is sure that TRUDY wouldn’t say anything to MEGA about her or JACK.

JAY and AMBER kiss and are getting more passionate when JAY discovers a miniature metal device on AMBER’s person. This has the equivalent affect as a cold shower. The device is a tracking bug, and a number of TECHNOS barge in with their stun guns raised.