Tribe 5 – Episode 23

RAM loads the disk with all present. SLADE asks RAM if MEGA will be able to defend against their ‘weapon.’ RAM replies that MEGA will be “building his pathetic little firewalls” but that his system will ultimately come a cropper.

Meanwhile in the Operations Room, MEGA is confident that his ‘firewalls’ will be sufficient and that JACK and company will not be able to cause much damage with the information that he has got.

SAMMY, offended by GEL’s “just a kid” comment, refuses to share his sandwich with GEL.

AMBER and JAY are both being kept as captives by MEGA. After they had been arrested by the Technos at the hideout, AMBER pleaded with JAY not to relent to MEGA and to stay mum regarding JACK and any other relevant information about the proposed rebellion.

ELLIE finds SALENE asleep in the middle of the day; brought on by drunkeness. ELLIE must go and look for MAY alone. Her search for MAY proves to be unsuccessful.

MEGA interrogates both AMBER and JAY but they both refuse to talk. MEGA threatens both with the ‘punishment game.’

EBONY rubs it into RUBY about her relationship with SLADE. RUBY has the ultimate reply when she tells EBONY that she is expecting SLADE’s child. EBONY is gobsmacked.

SAMMY and GEL make up and the SAMMY returns to the position of lapdog for GEL.

MEGA informs his guards not to let AMBER and JAY sleep – sleep deprivation torture to be administered then surely they’ll talk. TRUDY is worried that she said something to MEGA when she was upset. MEGA lies that she said nothing.

Awaking the next day, EBONY is in no mood for fun and games with SLADE. Her mind is preoccupied with RUBY’s claims that SLADE is fathering her child.

LEX and JACK have breakfast together and ponder the politics within the rebel alliance. Who can they really trust?

ELLIE finds MAY in the city. ELLIE tells her that she has been talking to SALENE and knows the full story. MAY corrects her saying that she doesn’t know quite everything. MAY admits to ELLIE that she was responsible for trying to have SALENE killed. ELLIE suggests that MAY does not tell SALENE about this but does come back to the Mall to help her.

EBONY accuses RUBY of lying about having SLADE’s baby. RUBY insists that it is true, though EBONY’s claims of trapping SLADE through obligation are far from the truth.

RAM is impressed with the state of MEGA’s core files. They seem much more complex than he originally thought. RAM agrees to let JACK help him.

MAY arrives back in the Mall with ELLIE. MAY and SALENE make up and vow to stay close friends.

EBONY confronts SLADE about RUBY’s pregnancy. It is the first he has heard of it as well. SLADE goes to RUBY and RUBY explains that she wants to have a little piece of SLADE with her after he has died through this so-called terminal disease. SLADE feels guilty because the terminal disease idea is just a load of porkies that RAM made up to stop RUBY destroying the computer equipment.

MEGA, not making much headway in the interrogation of JAY and AMBER, shows JAY a pilot of the punishment game and then shows him the game with TRUDY in the hot seat.

After seeing TRUDY in the hot seat of the punishment game, JAY decides to make a public apology and refers to the error of his ways. The Mall Rats, watching on City Net, realise that JAY’s heart is not in it and guess correctly that he is speaking in order to protect somebody.

SLADE tells RAM about RUBY’s pregnancy and the fact that RUBY still believes that he has a terminal illness. RAM advises SLADE to tell RUBY the truth.

TRUDY thanks MEGA for his kindness and says that she will put in a good word for him at the end of all this. MEGA can hardly control his laughter and clinically asks a guard to show TRUDY out of the hotel. TRUDY realises that she has been completely used; MEGA reiterates that she has served her purpose – telling him of JAY and AMBER’s relationship (and therefore AMBER’s betrayal). TRUDY is ropeable.

MAY discovers a stash of high octane booze in SALENE’s room. SALENE is defensive but MAY only wants to help SALENE in overcoming her addiction.

While helping RAM on the computers, JACK comes across some anatomical graphics. RAM angrily tells him to store it. JACK is taken aback – the occurrence did not merit RAM’s extreme reaction. Later, JACK tells RUBY about his discovery on the computer and asks her if she can elaborate. RUBY says that she cannot but assures him that the information that he discovered is harmless.

SALENE takes a plastic bag full of booze to the drain with the intention of throwing it all out. One bottle drops from her plastic bag. SAMMY, in passing, claims the bottle. He has an idea as to its use. Meanwhile, SALENE can’t help but hide away a bit of the booze in a secret little stash – just in case!

TRUDY is back in the Mall and is miserable. MAY and ELLIE rally to her side. TRUDY admits being used by MEGA and blurting out the information about AMBER The other Mall Rats are supportive and sympathetic.

SAMMY says it’s his birthday and will GEL share a drink with him. Its pretty disgusting stuff and, after trying it, GEL decides to abstain. SAMMY puts on the bravado and says “It’s a man’s taste, really.” He proceeds to get really drunk and pass out in the walkway. GEL’s response is pretty casual, just propping him up in the walkway with a pillow and then leaving him be.

LEX and EBONY almost come to blows over the death of Siva. SLADE is forced to intervene and floors LEX.

On a public broadcast, MEGA sentences JAY and AMBER to ‘oblivion.’

RUBY goes to RAM with some questions. Why did RAM not tell JACK about the brain graphics being for SLADE? Why has SLADE’s ‘treatment’ been put on the back burner? RAM snaps and admits that there is no cure because there is no illness. RUBY is beside herself with fury.

MAY, seemingly of no fixed abode of late, decides to leave the Mall again. This time she has her sights on Liberty where she plans to tell the others of JAY and AMBER’s precarious state so that something urgent can be done.

RUBY storms up to SLADE’s room and throws a cold bucket of water over him. How dare she deceive her when she is prepared to have his child!

SALENE, ELLIE and TRUDY discover SAMMY, as drunk as a skunk and in severe danger. SALENE is concerned that he may have poisoned his system and proceeds to pump out his stomach with salt water. The Mall Rats are relieved when SAMMY shows some life and then vomits- all over GEL. The incident is enough to drive SALENE off the booze and she gets rid of every millilitre of alcohol that she has left.

In the Liberty Saloon, the Rebel Alliance have a meeting but they just can’t seem to agree on anything. They are too busy bickering and scoring points against each other. MAY enters the Saloon and tells them the urgent news about JAY and AMBER being sentenced by MEGA to ‘oblivion’.