Tribe 5 – Episode 24

While ELLIE and SALENE worry about punishment game victims JAY and AMBER, ELLIE seems more concerned about SAMMY’s recovery from his alcohol binge the night before. Later, GEL tells SAMMY that he doesn’t need to drink to impress her; she likes him just the way he is but certainly only in the platonic sense.

JAY pleads with MEGA to spare AMBER and not succumb to that very human emotional response, revenge. His cries appear to fall on deaf ears.

In Liberty, MAY has brought news of JAY and AMBER’s predicament to the rebels. EBONY, LEX and JACK are getting itchy feet- they want the computer programme finished and the rebel alliance to begin their crusade, particularly if they are to save JAY and AMBER.

RAM can recognise a trap when he sees one and he knows that MAY is setting AMBER and JAY as bait. However, RAM tells SLADE that he will try and do something to save the two captured Mall Rats. RAM is not overly delighted with LEX’s suggestion that he should just try and ‘zap them with whatever we’ve got.’

TRUDY, in discussion with SALENE, explains MEGA’s deception. TRUDY is worried that deep down, that she may have grassed on AMBER and JAY for revenge’s sake.

MEGA gives JAY and AMBER a few ‘last moments’ together before their predicted foray into oblivion. JAY and AMBER have been sentenced to have their memories deleted. The two captives are tied to chairs, back to back. AMBER wants to spend the last few moments discussing feelings. JAY tells AMBER not to give in.

In the Saloon, RAM and LEX agree that, although technically an ally, EBONY is the common enemy. RAM suggests that a ‘little accident’ could be arranged for EBONY.

MAY smuggles herself back into the city in the back of a TECHNO truck. She arrives back in the Mall and tells the Mall Rats about the rebels decision to help. SALENE realises the need to get word to JAY and AMBER regarding the rebels. TRUDY says she has a plan.

Meanwhile, on a lonely beach we see KC who unexpectedly meets ALICE who advises that she too is due to be transported to another location. To both of their concern they find another member of the prison party – THE GUARDIAN. And speculate if there is news on some of the other members of The Mall Rats.

RUBY is dismissive of SLADE’s attempt to apologise over the ‘terminal illness’ scam and the related pregnancy. RUBY also doubts whether the alliance will necessarily make any better rulers than MEGA

MEGA agrees to let TRUDY see JAY and AMBER. She does this under the pretence that she wants to say she forgives them for their affair. Privately, TRUDY tells JAY and AMBER to play along with MEGA’s punishment game – RAM is doctoring MEGA’s systems so that the punishment will not actually work. JAY and AMBER are thankful for having been given a lifeline and it is obvious that TRUDY no longer bears any grudges.

AMBER and JAY are taken to the Operations Room for their publicly broadcast injection of oblivion.
While the Announcer begins her introduction, the Mall Rats join hands in a heart-warming gesture of solidarity and positive thinking.

RAM hurriedly tries to intercept the signal intended for JAY and AMBER, but in the process over loads his hard drive.

Back in the Operations Room, JAY and AMBER’s headsets are lowered and MEGA calls for the show to begin. AMBER and particularly JAY appear to jolt very convincingly in their chairs.

In Liberty, the Rebels are not sure if RAM’s efforts to divert the signal have been successful. In the Mall, SALENE reassures the others that JAY and AMBER are only acting.

MEGA questions both JAY and AMBER and neither is able to answer the most basic of questions.
AMBER and JAY leave the hotel. It is revealed that RAM managed to intercept AMBER’s signal but not JAY’s. AMBER had been acting all along but JAY’s mind was given a proper zapping – his memory, therefore, a thing of the past.

A threatening group of Tribal members enter Liberty to give support to the rebel alliance. SLADE welcomes them.
MEGA is pleased with the viewer figures from the “memory obliteration” of JAY and AMBER. He feels in total control of the city.

In Liberty, the rebels plan their battle strategy. They plan to leave later in the morning and are counting on RAM deactivating the Technos’ zappers and electric fences via his computer.

As he approaches RAM’s room, JACK hears RAM talking to a mystery voice beyond the door. JACK questions RAM but RAM assures him that he was just talking to himself and slams the door in JACK’s face. RAM returns to his computer and presses a send button, laughing to himself.

The Mall Rats wonder what they are going to do about JAY. They try their best for JAY but it is just no use – he’s zombified.

MEGA is working at his computer, secure in the knowledge that everything seems to be going swimmingly; after all JAY and AMBER have just been rendered harmless. Suddenly, RAM appears on the screen with the words “I’m the nightmare you never admitted to having.” A shocked and furious MEGA finally manages to pull the plug.

The Rebels, with an army of tribal members in tow, make their way noisely towards the city. A Techno Commander alerts MEGA that Rebel forces are on their way and, at that exact moment, MEGA’s computers fail to an ear-piercing scream. An agitated MEGA tells his commander to cordon off zone one and it is not long before his customary cool returns to him.

The Rebels reach the city fence which has just ceased to be electrified. Technos raise their stun guns but they have been disabled by RAM as well. The Rebels are heartened now and begin to tear down the fence

The Mall Rats, struck by the noise outside the Mall, realise that it is D-day. AMBER says that they only have one shot at this and that they must help out immediately. GEL is scared of the noise and SAMMY comforts her.

Meanwhile, beyond the now defunct barricade, the battle is in full swing with hand to hand combat between rebels and Technos. EBONY saves SLADE from attack and runs off in pursuit of some Technos. LEX clocks this as a chance for this much talked about ‘accident’ to occur.

A Techno tries to strangle EBONY. LEX looks on – this is his chance to get rid of her once and for all but he just cannot go through with it and comes to EBONY’s rescue.

MEGA prepares to play his one remaining ace – he dons a bio-chemical protection suit. He tries to enter his bio-chemical lab but access is denied. MEGA yells out in frustration.

In his room in Liberty, RAM packs his bag with computer equipment. The computer he is working on reveals itself as the mysterious voice of earlier in the episode. The computer asks where they are going and RAM replies ” Time to meet our destinies.”

In the city, the Mall Rats have won a decisive victory. SLADE and JACK round up the last of the fallen Technos. AMBER in a victory speech on City Net, talks about all tribes uniting in harmony.

SAMMY and GEL, inside the Mall, hear the ‘Mall Rats’ chant. SAMMY sees it as an opportunity to land a big kiss on GEL’s lips. GEL is not impressed.

MEGA, denied access to his bio-chemical lab, tries to escape from the hotel by exiting out the back. Unfortunately for him, he comes across EBONY and LEX who are about to Zap him when SLADE intervenes.

SLADE’s words to MEGA are completely unexpected – “Hello, little brother.”