Tribe 5 – Episode 25

A stand off exists with EBONY aiming her zapper at MEGA while SLADE is being threatened by LEX. SLADE appeals for EBONY not to shoot MEGA. EBONY is in no mood for forgiveness. Just when it looks like it is curtains for MEGA, the Mall Rats barge in and announce their intentions of caging MEGA. MEGA’s life is saved.

LEX takes AMBER aside. LEX suggests that RAM set it up so that only AMBER’s punishment treatment was intercepted, leaving JAY vulnerable and susceptible to the sorry state that he finds himself in now

RAM, walking through the carnage in the city, boasts about his role in the overthrow to RUBY and LOTTIE.

MEGA is caged in the Mall and LEX and DARRYL visit and hassle him. LEX questions SLADE as to the next surprise that he is likely to spring on them.

SALENE comforts AMBER as she despairs about JAY’s memory loss.

LEX takes great delight in telling the other Mall Rats that MEGA is SLADE’s brother. RAM defends SLADE in the face of LEX’s accusations that SLADE is as slippery as a rattlesnake in jello.

RAM, LOTTIE and RUBY arrive at the Mall.

RAM is happy to return to the hotel and exonerates the Techno Commander.

Despite MEGA having fallen, RAM loads the programme onto the Operations Room consul. An image of ZOOT swims into focus.

EBONY is annoyed that SLADE has been keeping a secret from her. He tells her the whole story of how he came to realise that this MEGA that everybody was talking about, was in fact his brother JOSH and how he worked to overthrow MEGA in order to save him from himself. EBONY remains none too impressed.

GEL recognises a scarf that LOTTIE is wearing as her own. GEL is not forgiving and AMBER tells the both of them off.

RAM has a conversation with the computer that he has created. The computer has the voice of ZOOT. JACK and AMBER come in and threatens to throw a bottle water over the computer unless RAM tells the whole story. RAM explains that the computer has ‘artificial intelligence,’ it has ZOOT’s image or ‘face’ and that it controls his entire network.

RAM assures JACK and AMBER that the computer will more efficiently manage the system than they ever could.

EBONY accuses SLADE of using her as a tool to get to MEGA. SLADE admits that it was like that to start with but then he fell for her “big time.” Later, EBONY apologises for giving SLADE a hard time and says that, seeing he is family, maybe she won’t wipe out MEGA (JOSH) now.

RUBY tells ELLIE that she is expecting SLADE’s baby and that she wrongly thought that he was dying.

AMBER and JACK want answers from RAM. How was it that he managed to save her but not JAY from the memory treatment. RAM denies the accusation and says that she was lucky to be saved herself. AMBER demands that RAM cure JAY.

In private, LEX negotiates with the caged MEGA. MEGA has information and LEX has the keys – surely the basis for some kind of deal.

RAM tries, unsuccessfully at first, to return JAY’s memory to him with the help of a Paradise headset. Just when AMBER is really getting stuck into RAM and accuses him of treachery, JAY fully regains his memory.

A webcam connected to the talking computer focuses on RAM who is sleeping in the Operations Room. On the screen the monitor seems confused – is RAM the computer’s father, mother or creator? RAM’s realises that his computer is self aware and rapidly gaining knowledge.

JACK gets up, waking ELLIE in the process. He needs to help RAM to get the city back online.

SLADE visits MEGA in the cage and tells the history of MEGA’s so-called abandonment from his own point of view. Threatened by a group of slavers, the younger SLADE had tried to head the slavers away from the hut that held the young MEGA. In the process, SLADE was captured. By the time SLADE escaped and found the hut again, MEGA had gone.

The Mall Rats get ready to hold a victory party. While SALENE puts up decorations, GEL confides that she plans to spend the night with LEX. SALENE advises her against it.

LEX has the information won in his trade with MEGA. In exchange for his freedom, MEGA gave LEX the whereabouts of an ex-Techno called FISH who seems to have some valuable information. On finding FISH, LEX finds out that BRAY and VED have been “shipped out” but are possibly still alive. FISH cannot give any information about TAI SAN, however. He has limited information any way, as he was responsible for transportation only. LEX realises that MEGA has double crossed him – the information is of little use to him and MEGA has his freedom.

Back on the lonely beach, KC has a frightening encounter with THE GUARDIAN who is still committed to keeping the spirit of Zoot alive.

Meanwhile, DARRYL finds out that MEGA has left the cage and tells SLADE and EBONY about the escapee.

RAM tells JACK that the computer is self-aware, has intelligence and is learning at an incredible rate. JACK warns RAM “not to mess with the stuff” and advises RAM to take the programme out of the computer.

LEX returns to the Mall and pleads ignorance to the whereabouts of MEGA. JAY expresses confidence that MEGA will not get too far and that the culprit who released him will be fingered on MEGA’s arrest.

RAM, trying to make some adjustments to the computer’s core programme, is denied access.

The party in the Mall gets underway. LEX is enjoying the attention, trying to impress some girls before GEL makes a move.

In the hotel, MEGA surprises RAM and threatens him with his zapper. MEGA enjoys watching RAM squirm. Fortunately for RAM, the computer distracts MEGA at the same time as EBONY and SLADE arrive. MEGA is apprehended and disarmed. RAM rubs MEGA’s nose in it but SLADE reminds RAM that MEGA is entitled to a fair trial.

GEL takes LEX back to her room only to have him fall asleep on her. GEL feels jilted and is very angry. She storms back into the party.

The party is suddenly interrupted by a power cut. JACK has an idea who is responsible.

It seems that this is the work of the self aware computer which is making decisions for itself. RAM frantically works on the computer, trying to bring the systems back on line. The computer replies that the input of the creator is no longer required!