Tribe 5 – Episode 26

The re-captured MEGA paces in his cell. Suddenly a thought comes into his mind.

In the operations room, RAM argues with the computer. It refuses to restore power despite RAM’s demands. RAM makes the mistake in telling the computer that water is another human need.

In front of the other Mall Rats, LEX reaffirms that he does not trust SLADE. He gallantly assures the others that he will have a word to MEGA in order to find the culprit who released him from the cage (LEX covering his own tracks).

GEL announces that the water has been turned off as well as the power. It’s that no good, self-aware computer at fault again.

LEX goes to see MEGA. LEX is annoyed that FISH was not able to provide him with the information that he required – especially as LEX was prepared to release MEGA to gain access to FISH’s information. MEGA is willing to keep LEX’s betrayal of the Mall Rats a secret… a ‘I’ll help you if you help me’ scenario. LEX asks MEGA where all the Techno prisoners were sent.

SALENE suggests that RUBY takes a pregnancy test and MAY seems to know where to get hold of one.

JAY thanks TRUDY for being so accepting of what has happened between him and AMBER.

After a bit of light ‘reading’ through ‘The Encyclopaedia of Warfare,’ the self-aware Computer tells RAM that it will no longer provide ‘resources’ to other humans. This is because the research has brought it to the conclusion that humans pose a threat to other life forms.

MAY goes to the sleazy TRADER of past episodes to try and get hold of a pregnancy test kit for RUBY. As May knows, he can get hold of most things – if the price is right. Later, MAY brings in the pregnancy kit and immature SAMMY has a good laugh about it.

GEL has the pip with LEX for falling asleep the night before and ruining, what was to be, a big night. LEX wants to start where they left off but GEL rejects him.

The news just gets worse in the operations room, as the self-aware computer – rapidly growing in knowledge and confidence – tells RAM that it has decided that in order to prevent humans from destroying the world, humans must all be eliminated (which it is about to see to).

Hopes that the power has been re-instated by RAM are short-lived. There is a power surge that melts GEL’s curlers. The power surge causes the death of a fence climbing reveller in the city, despite AMBER and JAY’s valiant attempts to save him. Other revellers express anger with JAY and AMBER- isn’t everything supposed to be under control?

RAM reveals to JACK that the computer’s thought patterns have been based on his and Zoot’s – no wonder it has megalomanic tendencies. JAY says that the computer must be turned off and now!

However, it seems that turning off the computer is not just a matter of pulling the plug – access to the generator is required. The trouble is that when RAM keys in the code to gain access to the generator room, the computer has seen to it so that RAM’s access code is rejected. On trying to barge into the generator room, a ceiling mounted zapper zaps JAY one on the arm. AMBER’s quick thinking ensures that he escapes with only a flesh wound and they return to the Operations room.

In the operations room, the logo comes onto the screen of the computer ‘Project Ultimate Sanction.’

AMBER, JACK , RAM and JAY see MEGA’s biochem lab – MEGA’s “last card” which the computer, not MEGA, seems determined to play. JACK tries to reason with the computer but it is determined to overthrow all of humankind.

JAY rushes to the Mall to quiz MEGA – what is in the container in the lab? MEGA just laughs it off, saying that once the contents of the container is released, then all of the inhabitants of the city will be wiped out by a deadly virus.

AMBER tells the older Mall Rats about the virus threat and announces a meeting in the hotel. At the meeting, it is decided that they must gain access to the Generator room in order to turn the computer off. Jay can testify as to the dangerous lasers that guard the generator. JACK says that he will attempt to reactivate City Net so that an emergency plan can be communicated to the populace.

RAM, clutching at straws, approaches MEGA and tries the softly-softly approach, complementing MEGA on the lab – “It’s so good, why didn’t I think of it?” RAM challenges MEGA to a type of duel, and it seems MEGA is unable to resist it. After all, isn’t the existence of a challenge the only reason why MEGA let RAM live on at the rubbish tip in the first place?

In the Mall, TRUDY oversees the evacuation of the younger Mall Rats. EBONY, who tries unsuccessfully to leave RUBY behind in the bathroom, wants to know the result of the pregnancy test but RUBY refuses to tell her. MAY suggests that they escape in a boat and she knows the very man who has one (the TRADER). JAY says that he is going back to find AMBER and the others.

SLADE creates a diversion and LEX smashes the overhead laser, getting them closer to the generator.

Back in the Mall, LOTTIE is pilfering from GEL’s room when she is disturbed and hides in a wardrobe. GEL, ready to leave, gathers up her gear and locks the wardrobe unaware that LOTTIE is stuck inside?

In the city, a screen broadcasts AMBER telling everybody to evacuate. The population is streaming out of the city. EBONY pushes RUBY into the path of a Techno van (hoping to cause a miscarriage in RUBY). Struck a glancing blow, RUBY lies motionless on the ground. EBONY pretends to be concerned and asks SALENE to help her nurse RUBY.

In the Operations Room, JACK helps MEGA and RAM into Virtual Reality helmets. RAM and MEGA are able to bypass normal control levels neurally and become part of the computer. In VR, RAM and MEGA take on ZOOT. RAM tells ZOOT that he must spare the human race but RAM is hurled backwards. Back in the Operations Room, he falls to the floor in pain. MEGA seems determined to beat ZOOT by himself.

Meanwhile, SLADE and LEX have made their way into the Generator room. A laser traps SLADE in the room. It seems he has only seconds to live.

Because MEGA has merged with the computer he knows instantly that SLADE is about to be killed. MEGA is angry and, as absolute master of the computer and RAM, MEGA orders the computer to shut down. The image of ZOOT fades and disappears.

In the Generator room, the lasers blink off. SLADE has been saved. Back in the Operations Room, the duel has all been too much for MEGA. RAM and AMBER prop him up. RAM admits that MEGA has won – he is the master. MEGA makes up with SLADE but then dies. The generator’s whine has increased in volume to a terrifying screech. JACK warns the others that they must leave and quickly!

JAY runs up as AMBER, SLADE, RAM, LEX and JACK leave the hotel. JAY tells them of the boat. GEL arrives and says that LOTTIE is missing. AMBER heads off in the direction of the Mall to see if she can find LOTTIE.

At the Quayside, many of the Mall Rats have made it onto the boat, including the injured RUBY. EBONY asks if SALENE thinks RUBYs’ baby has survived. SALENE tells EBONY that the test had come out negative – there is no baby. EBONY feels a touch of guilt over her brutal treatment of RUBY.

AMBER discovers LOTTIE crying in the wardrobe. JAY appears behind her. He assures her that it’s not too late to escape!

The time to leave has almost come and SALENE, in particular, despairs at the thought of JAY and AMBER stuck in the city. Just when SALENE believes all hope is lost, TRUDY spots AMBER, JAY and LOTTIE running along. They climb into the boat and the Mall Rats safely farewell the city. Mixed with the feeling of great relief is an overwhelming sense of sadness that they are leaving their ravaged homeland behind them.