Tribe 5 – Episode 6

LEX and JAY are on the run from the Zootists. JAY’s arm is hurt but he insists on re-entering the building in search of the missing JACK.

At the zoo, EBONY toys with the guards who allowed SLADE to escape. SLADE watches the action from afar. He is joined by KIP, the zoo keeper who agrees not to blow his cover.

SALENE and AMBER have reached the Eco Camp. HAWK welcomes them but immediately he is told of Pride’s death. SALENE explains the reason for their visit and HAWK agrees to accept the talisman and hold a ceremony in honour of PRIDE.

LEX and JAY re-enter the building and find three marks in the dust of a blown out window; signs of the tripod of a holographic projector. They find JACK cowering in a corner, vowing that he has seen and touched the real ZOOT.

In Liberty, RUBY offers RAM some books to read. RAM almost admits to RUBY who he is. RUBY advises him against holding in a lot of hate and pent up anger.

At the Eco Camp, the memorial ceremony to PRIDE is being led by HAWK. As part of the ceremony, SALENE casts dried herbs into a brazier and lets a dove go free.

MOUSE is in her room, terrified of ZOOT visitations. SAMMY tries to convince MOUSE to go ghost hunting with a digital camera but she is reluctant.

An intimate moment between JAY and TRUDY as she binds his injured arm. JAY reassures TRUDY as to BRADY’s safety and her own self worth. LEX swaggers in and is impatient to act against those ‘three witches.’ JAY appeals to LEX for patience, awaiting his scouts’ report.

SIVA complains to JAVA, objecting to the fact that they are giving the ‘keys to power’ to their half crazed sister. Outside the school, two of EBONY’s guards find JAY’s scouts with a video camera. EBONY sends them to the zoo for punishment. At the zoo, JAY’s scouts are tied to a tree in the outer part of the lion enclosure.

SAMMY is in the city with a camera, waiting for dark so that he can start his ghost hunt. MOUSE comes up on him, worried about what he may be up to. Suddenly, they are startled by an apparition of ZOOT. SAMMY snaps his camera before the two of them high tail it out of there.

In the Eco camp, AMBER says her place is back in the MALL and HAWK reacts jealously, accusing her of an affair with Techno JAY and telling her she will not be welcome back by the Ecos.

On his return to the Saloon, SLADE presents the crutches to RAM, whose reaction is as RUBY expected, frosty! SLADE encourages RAM to try to walk as he has had no professional diagnosis since his accident.

MAY reports back to MEGA; yes, Jack and the Mall Rats were terrified by JACK’s visit by the ‘real life’ ZOOT.
That night, TRUDY has nightmares about ZOOT taking BRADY away. TRUDY gets up and is comforted by JAY. They share a passionate kiss.

JAY and TRUDY awake from their night of passion. They decide to keep their relationship a secret. Their feeling of bliss is broken by the sound of the rattling grille. LEX is first on the scene and finds a note threatening ZOOT’s killer.

MOUSE and SAMMY confide to JACK that they have taken a photo of ZOOT but the camera is missing. Later, JACK and SAMMY risk the patrolling Zootists and find the camera that SAMMY had dropped.

RAM is brought down to the saloon. SLADE tries to persuade him unsuccessfully to use the crutches.

JAY is aware that his scouts are taking an awfully long time to report back. In the zoo, the scouts are still tied to a tree in the lion enclosure. KIP offers them food and water. EBONY catches him at it but lets it go. She is off to cause more mayhem in the streets. The scouts have admitted that they work for the Mall Rats.

JAVA tells MEGA about JAY’s scouts locked in the lion enclosure. MEGA sees it as bad publicity and decides to scare them before letting them go, JAVA arranging a meeting for them with ZOOT. Meanwhile, JAVA tells EBONY that ZOOT has visited and told her that it is time for a showdown with the Mall Rats.

JACK brings the photo of ZOOT up on screen. LEX dismisses it as a fake. On closer inspection, JACK sees an inconsistency in the photo.

JAY is worried that there has been no word from his scouts and LEX’s comment that he is doing nothing begins to sting. Of course, TRUDY is there to comfort him.

JACK shows JAY a blown up version of SAMMY’s ZOOT photo. It reveals a tattoo on ZOOT’s hand with the words “Darryl.” JACK asks JAY if he can show him where the projector marks were found. JAY agrees to it. JACK and JAY re-enter the building and JACK takes photo of the tripod marks. He also finds a lock of Zoot-like hair and concludes that there is a ZOOT double out there fooling the entire city.

AMBER admits to SALENE that she has feelings for JAY and that she wants to get together with him.

JACK and JAY rush back and show MEGA their photographic evidence. MEGA suggests that the Mall Rats concentrate on EBONY and her sisters while he goes for RAM. Once JACK and JAY have left, MEGA gives ZOOT (DARRYL in disguise) a dressing down as his appearance to SAMMY and MOUSE was not in the brief.

In the Saloon, RUBY wants to get to know SLADE a bit better. They are about to retire to her room when they hear a crash, RAM attempting to use the crutches.

JAY and JACK return to the Mall to find the Scouts badly traumatised. They have delivered EBONY’s message of a meeting the following day.