Tribe 5 – Episode 7

On their journey back to the mall, AMBER and SALENE discuss love and loss. AMBER admits she ready to move on and declares her affection for JAY.

In the mall, JAY awakes next to TRUDY. It’s new love at full power. JAY leaves to address the assembled Mall Rats. JACK provides a fully-blown photo of DARYL, the ZOOT impersonator. Perhaps it can sow some doubt into the minds of EBONY’s followers. Having heard the Mall Rat’s plan, MAY divulges this new information to MEGA.

Meanwhile, at the school H.Q., SIVA is hesitant about the upcoming confrontation with JAY and his troops. EBONY assures her that they’ll show them the full power of ZOOT. It’s red-letter day for JAY and LEX – but perhaps that’s what SIVA’s worried about…

In Liberty, RUBY brings SLADE breakfast in bed, after all, he deserves it. Afraid he may have given RUBY the wrong idea, SLADE explains that a one night stand is only a one time event. Masking her true feelings, RUBY plays along. But her emotions are quickly reversed when in walks RAM, with only the assistance of crutches.

SAMMY pouts, upset that he was excluded from the face off with EBONY. GEL suggests a make over to help cheer him up. In search of hair curlers, GEL, MOUSE and SAMMY head to TRUDY’s room, and discover it in a chaotic mess.

MAY, hidden, looks on.

It’s showdown time, with EBONY’s Zoot Squad and JAY’s militia at a standoff. LEX and JAY present the photo of DARYL and declare the ZOOT sightings are fake. Its’ effect takes Ebony and her ZOOTISTAS off guard. JAY orders his men to advance and it appears EBONY has lost the battle. JAVA keeps her cool, secretly activating a ZOOT hologram.

Her ploy works, and with the howling of ZOOTs war cry, the Zoot Squad EBONY retaliate. The tables have quickly turned and now it’s the militia’s turn to run.

Meanwhile, back at the mall, GEL plugs in the set of hair curlers, taken from TRUDY’s room. The overloaded electrical circuit blows and the mall’s power is cut. Fearing it’s the start of an attack, JACK and TRUDY are in a fluster. That is until the arrival of GEL, who explains why the power is really gone.

Back from the chase, EBONY, JAVA and SIVA return to the school. SIVA’s red with rage that LEX escaped. EBONY is equally furious, and wants the deserters punished.

Having discovered her room in tatters, TRUDY lays into GEL, MOUSE and SAMMY. The kid’s swear it wasn’t them, as MAY looks on uncomfortably. JAY arrives back at the mall, having lost the battle. If they don’t prove ZOOT’s a fake soon, they’ll lose the city. JACK has a brainwave – The holograms must be causing the powers cuts. If the cuts match up with the ZOOT sightings, then there’s proof!

In the Hotel Operations Room, MEGA attempts to download the power station log. JAY and JACK look on with high hopes. Without warning RAM’s leering face appears on screen – ‘You’ll have to do better then that’. MEGA feigns surprise.

LEX has made his way to Liberty, in search of answers. With RAM hidden away, RUBY takes the opportunity to make SLADE jealous, by flirting with the visiting city-slicker. But LEX is more interested in the pair of crutches in the corner.
AMBER and SALENE return to the Mall. But, before TRUDY can confess her new love, AMBER explains that she has changed her mind about JAY.

A ominous figure creeps through the Liberty Saloon. RAM is fast asleep until a hand clasps itself over his mouth. It’s LEX and he wants answers!

LEX has secretly ambushed RAM in his saloon room. LEX wants answers about the ZOOT appearances and TAISAN’s whereabouts. SLADE and RUBY come to RAM’s rescue.

LEX is restrained, questioned and taken captive by SLADE and RUBY. LEX tells RUBY the truth about RAM. RUBY is annoyed that SLADE has deceived her regarding RAM’s identity and history of paradise usage. SLADE emphatically states that he will decide what will happen to RAM.

ELLIE wanders aimlessly through the city. She is accosted by two thugs and a Commanding Zoot sister who take her back to HQ in order to educate her about ZOOT. JAVA recognises ELLIE as the kid who ‘tried to wipe out EBONY.’ Initially, Java locks her up in maximum security but it soon becomes obvious that she has lost her memory and is no threat.

JAY asks TRUDY whether she has told AMBER about their relationship. They decide to tell AMBER together. They continue to keep their relationship a secret from the other Mall Rats.

JAY outlines the Mall Rats’ dilemma. They cannot prove JACK’s power surge theory because RAM has destroyed all the files. They can’t stop the holograms because the other tribes will not give them permission to turn the power off.

GEL expresses her concern regarding LEX’s whereabouts.

EBONY tells SIVA that she saw ZOOT and he told her that they must be patient. Ebony notices that it is uncharacteristic for ZOOT to plan anything; he usually just acts.

LEX’s escape efforts are thwarted by SLADE.

JACK, JAY and AMBER study the computer, aiming to find out how RAM entered the network to block access to power records.

RUBY brings the captive LEX some food. He tries unsuccessfully flirting with RUBY in order for her to let him go. RUBY confronts SLADE – how dare he keep a criminal in her house. SLADE offers to leave with RAM but RUBY stops them from going.

TRUDY and AMBER remark to each other that they feel uncomfortable around MAY. Meanwhile, JAY is curious and confused about AMBER’s sudden interest in him and questions TRUDY as to her continued reluctance to tell AMBER about their relationship. In private, AMBER tells JAY that she wants them to be together.

JAVA mixes a potion into EBONY’s night time drink. SIVA, unaware of the mixed in potion, takes the drink through to EBONY. SIVA is concerned about her younger sister and tells EBONY that she is her own woman and not ZOOT’s slave.