Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 02

A mysterious figure is watching the group as they wake for the first time in the Mall. AMBER tells DAL they cannot abandon the others – the children would never survive alone.

They decide to form a new Tribe of their own, make a home in the Mall, and in sharing supplies and resources, forge a safer future. They must first face a dilemma: what to do with the prisoners? If they are forced out into the city, they might lead the LOCUSTS to the Mall in revenge; but if they can be trusted, could they join the newly-formed Tribe?

AMBER offers LEX a choice – to join the Tribe on their terms or take his chances on the streets – but he is unrepentant. The confrontation between them is interrupted by PAUL – he can “feel” an intruder in the Mall.

AMBER and DAL go to investigate. They return without having found anything, but decide they must allow the others to join them for sheer strength of numbers.

LEX reluctantly agrees, and he and RYAN go looking for the intruder; the mysterious figure of BRAY leads them out onto the city streets, and then gives them the slip. By the time LEX and RYAN return, BRAY, who has doubled back, has made friends with the rest of the Tribe.

LEX does not believe he should be allowed to stay, but is overruled. However, LEX seems to be proven right when they wake the next morning to find BRAY gone – along with precious food and water. As LEX and AMBER argue, BRAY returns to the Mall – bringing with him the very pregnant TRUDY.