Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 03

BRAY explains that he has been spying on the Tribe to make sure the Mall was a safe place to bring TRUDY to have her baby. But should TRUDY be allowed to stay?

The LOCUSTS have been pursuing a calf through the streets. It finds its way to the street outside the Mall – and is secretly hidden in the carpark by CLOE. PATSY and PAUL, looking for a lost ball, find JACK with a secret store of food. They won¹t tell if he¹ll share it with them!

The day¹s discussions about whether or not TRUDY can have her baby int he Mall culminate in a vote. LEX, RYAN, JACK, and DAL are against; SALENE, ZANDRA, PATSY and PAUL are for. AMBER casts the deciding vote -Trudy must go.

As BRAY angrily leads her away, TRUDY cries out in shock – her labour has started.