Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 04

TRUDY’s contractions start coming thick and fast – though LEX still insists she and BRAY are conning the Tribe in order to stay.

BRAY takes charge of the labour, with the help of AMBER, ZANDRA and SALENE. Through the day, while TRUDY’s labour drags on, CLOE secretly feeds and plays with the calf; LEX continues to sexually harrass ZANDRA; DAL volunteers to venture out into the city looking for supplies for the baby; PAUL and PATSY continue to blackmail JACK for food from his secret store; and RYAN finds a hiding place for his rucksack – but why does he need to conceal it?

TRUDY gives birth to a daughter. In the midst of the Tribe’s celebrations, BRAY slips away. Could he really have left TRUDY  and left the Tribe literally holding the baby?