Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 05

The following day. Bray has still not returned. TRUDY cannot feed the BABY – and she is getting more and more ill. LEX maliciously suggests that BRAY has gone to fetch the LOCUSTS.

AMBER implements a rationing system for food and water. LEX bullies JACK into giving him and RYAN double the water ration. PATSY and PAUL raid JACK’S food store and eat so many sweets they make themselves sick.

Some fast talking is required to keep the food store secret!

BRAY finds some useful baby items in a warehouse, but becomes trapped as the DEMON DOGS turn up and settle in for a solid day’s carousing.

TRUDY’s condition worsens. AMBER and DAL search the looted Mall in vain for antibiotics. DAL starts out on a highly dangerous mission to his father’s surgery at the abandoned hospital.

BRAY finally returns, much to SALENE’s delight. AMBER is less easily pleased – she fiercely demands that BRAY take more responsibility for TRUDY and the BABY.