Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 06

BRAY sneaks out of the Mall whilst TRUDY lies in bed, delirious with fever. The rest of The Tribe question BRAY’s recurring absences.

DAL enters the hospital after he sees the LOCUSTS drive away with some recently captured prisoners. He is disconcerted by being once more in his father’s surgery, which is as his father left it.

AMBER nurses TRUDY while SALENE appeals to individual Tribe members to share their water rations so she can wash the BABY. LEX, astonishingly, offers to share his – but what he’s really doing is stealing directly from the water-tank.

Cloe comes upon BRAY as she takes the calf for an airing. She is shocked and frightened to realise his companion is none other than ZOOT. BRAY follows her and persuades her not to tell the others about the meeting – or he’ll tell them about the calf.

DAL returns triumphant with antibiotics. Will the dose be enough to save TRUDY’s life?

BRAY and CLOE rejoin the others over dinner. AMBER is furious at BRAY’s evasiveness – does he think he owes the Tribe nothing? BRAY walks out, defiant, as the others watch in alarm…