Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 07

TRUDY is barely conscious. BRAY nurses her while SALENE and ZANDRA share the care of the BABY. DAL, having risked his life for medication, is particularly anxious about TRUDY’s recovery.

There is still tension from the previous night’s argument between AMBER and BRAY, and tension in the group at large around the issues of rationing and cleaning – SALENE is having no luck persuading the others that these things matter.

TRUDY returns to consciousness – DAL’s bravery has paid off. SALENE and ZANDRA bring the BABY back to her, but she seems curiously disinterested

A puzzling time for RYAN. His (worthless) money is stolen – and then replaced.

PATSY, PAUL and CLOE take a trip down memory lane with Planet Vortex. JACK has put a new combination lock on the food store – the meanie!

LEX threatens TRUDY. He is determined to rid the Tribe of BRAY and “the brat”! But who is it BRAY is so insistent that TRUDY must see?

One o’clock in the morning and all’s peaceful. BRAY slips silently through the Sewers – and lets in – ZOOT.