Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 08

Outside the Mall a dog howls in the night as BRAY and ZOOT stand arguing in the Sewers. ZOOT is very uneasy, alone in enemy territory; he agrees to wait while BRAY brings TRUDY to him…

PAUL is woken by his sixth sense of an outsider in the Mall. As BRAY introduces a dumbfounded ZOOT to the BABY – his daughter – PAUL and PATSY wake up LEX.

BRAY tries to persuade ZOOT to forget about the LOCUSTS and their perpetual warfare and join The Tribe; ZOOT tries to persuade TRUDY to leave with him – but he has lingered too long. LEX and RYAN attack; the others awake to pandemonium. ZOOT escapes and hides upstairs, but when LEX starts beating up BRAY, ZOOT goes to BRAY’s defence. Struggling with LEX on the Upper Concourse, ZOOT falls – to his death.

The Tribe is horrorstruck – but LEX is defiant to the end. AMBER, JACK and DAL accompany BRAY and TRUDY out into the dawn to find a decent burial-place for this strange comrade.

On the empty beach they create a warrior burial for ZOOT, sending him off into the sunrise aboard a burning boat. BRAY delivers a eulogy over the body, and delivers the final thunderbolt of the episode: ZOOT was “Martin” – his younger brother.