Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 09

The aftermath of ZOOT’s sudden death and funeral. Most of the Tribe sleep, exhausted. BRAY confides in SALENE. Martin/ZOOT used to be a gentle boy…

SALENE goes for tea and sympathy – but is terrified by rats in the kitchen. The cleaning issue is getting beyond a joke. AMBER designs a work rota – which meets with a chilly reception.

TRUDY’s getting more and more jealous of SALENE. She declares her love for BRAY. It was always BRAY she wanted, even in the old days… BRAY doesn’t know how to answer.

Out on the forage for food, DAL and LEX run into a bunch of DEMON DOGS. They split up – DAL makes it back, but whatís happened to LEX?

RYAN teaches PAUL and PATSY how to play poker – loser gets sweeping duty. This creative solution to boring chores also occurs to JACK; if PAUL and PATSY want food from the secret store, they can work for it!

BRAY spies on the LOCUSTS. EBONY leads a strange ritual for the missing ZOOT. Her new role may not be good news for TRUDY and the BABY…

LEX makes it back. ZANDRA rejects his advances – again.

Is TRUDY suffering from post-natal depression?

AMBER’s suffering from leadership frustration. The division of chores isn’t working, and neither is the Tribe…