Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 10

SALENE is distressed by a nasty piece of graffiti on the work rota – “DESCINT MUTHA WANTED”. She thinks it`s a dig at her, but BRAY knows better. The note was aimed at TRUDY, and the only member of the Tribe whose spelling is this bad is LEX…

BRAY and LEX nearly come to blows, and are dragged apart by ZANDRA and AMBER. The Tribe needs a leader, badly. LEX offers to fight BRAY for the role, but to AMBER is rage and disappointment peacenik and introvert BRAY isn`t interested in getting this involved. AMBER tells LEX she`ll contest the leadership with him – but it will be decided by democratic vote. Luckily for LEX`s ambitions, he still has a dirty trick or two up his sleeve…

PATSY and PAUL are losing all JACKís secret store of food to RYAN in poker. By now JACK is getting heartily sick of being blackmailed – and even RYAN is curious about where all this food is coming from. He follows PATSY and JACK to the food store. Sprung!

CLOE tells the calf all about the upcoming election. But is AMBER playing to lose?

By means of either bullying or bribery, LEX wins the vote – ten to three, which is odd as there were only twelve voters… AMBER forestalls any objections; LEX is the clear winner. To celebrate, RYAN suggests raiding – JACKís private larder.

Uproar! The Tribe tells poor JACK he has two choices: a trial by jury – or instant expulsion from the Mall.