Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 11

JACK caged amongst the rats and the shadows. LEX approaches; the noble leader will try to get the thief off with a slap on the wrist… JACK warns him that if anything goes wrong, JACK will tell about LEX stealing water rations.

The trial commences. If convicted, what will JACK’s punishment be? RYAN suggests starvation, or, as a humane alternative, a public flogging. JACK is horrified. AMBER is the voice of reason: the Tribe must use this opportunity to draw up a set of rules, like their own law, and ensure that any penalty is just.

LEX remarks that if JACK is convicted, other possible crimes must be considered – gambling for rations, for example, or knowing about someone else’s food stash and keeping quiet… Instantly half the jury is won over, and by a narrow margin JACK is found innocent.

As leader, LEX draws up a whole new work rota – which gives all the work to the girls, leaving the “men” free for defence training. BRAY is the only one who refuses to play ball. AMBER encourages the others to object, but when LEX remains steadfast, accepts the new status quo. SALENE can’t believe it – what’s AMBER up to?

TRUDY’s condition is worsening. She picks a fight with SALENE about BRAY and the BABY. SALENE is startled and hurt – after all she’s done for TRUDY!

The girls meet in the dead of night to decide on a plan of action about their new workload. They will do – absolutely nothing until LEX and the boys can be made to see reason. The work will be shared, or it won’t be done at all! The revolution is interrupted by a terrifying moan booming from the Sewers – ZOOT’s ghost perhaps, CLOE?