Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 12

The Tribe rushes together, terrified by the unidentified sound coming from the Sewers. CLOE’s absence goes unnoticed in the panic as LEX sets about deploying his troops. LEX, RYAN, JACK and DAL march off to the Sewers to investigate – LEX bravely leading from behind – while the others set up a barricade at the top of the stairs. BRAY refuses yet another order from LEX – what’s he got to be so relaxed about in this crisis?

CLOE tries desperately to make the calf run for its life as the boys approach. Too late! LEX wants T-bone steak for breakfast – CLOE manages to persuade him milk on demand will be a better long-term bet, and BLUEBELL lives to moo another day.

AMBER surprises BRAY and TRUDY giggling over LEX’s courage under fire, and yells at BRAY – how dare he allow the little ones to be so frightened when he knew all along what the noise was?

The girls put their strike into action. No more sexist division of chores! LEX and the boys are left powerless – and hungry.

Approaching disaster – the watertank has sprung a leak. LEX is still determined not to use his stolen water stash. There’s a stream not too far from the Mall – but the girls refuse to carry the water unless the boys do their share. Stalemate!

TRUDY comes tentatively to AMBER to ask for help. She’s afraid BRAY will walk – again – after his argument with AMBER that morning. AMBER seizes the opportunity to deliver a few home truths. If TRUDY would take more responsibility herself for the BABY – like giving her a name, for instance – SALENE would have less opportunity to hang around… TRUDY is left very thoughtful.

A banquet to celebrate the naming of the BABY! – The boys can attend, but only if they help… All crumble but LEX – left alone and seething in his new penthouse bedroom. Just you wait, AMBER…