Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 16

The guilty kiss interrupted. TRUDY slaps SALENE’s face. BRAY slaps down TRUDY’s Happy Families fantasy about the two of them and BRADY – and then, fed up with the claustrophobic atmosphere of the Mall, slopes off to the woods to spend some time alone.

ZANDRA feels ready for some moonlight and roses action of her own – and makes elaborate plans for a romantic evening with LEX.

AMBER persuades TAI-SAN to help her set up a school for the younger children. CLOE, PATSY and PAUL are very reluctant pupils.

DAL and JACK find TRUDY in a strange state, completely ignoring her screaming BABY. SALENE tells AMBER what has been going on – AMBER doesn’t know whether to be more contemptuous or jealous.

LEX misreads ZANDRA’s signals – and when she rebuffs him, attacks her. The badly shaken ZANDRA is rescued by RYAN. AMBER wants LEX to pay – but ZANDRA feels strangely responsible for the others’ anger on her behalf. TAI-SAN suggests a unique compromise: if LEX and ZANDRA were to get married, ZANDRA would get the commitment she craves while LEX would get – what LEX craves. Under the circumstances AMBER and SALENE find this deeply weird, but it makes perfect sense to ZANDRA.

BRAY is spotted by EBONY and the LOCOS. They give chase.

RYAN declares his hopeless passion for ZANDRA. She explains girls like her only go for the bums. To prove her point she proposes to LEX – who accepts, believing that with only TAI-SAN to perform the ceremony the “marriage” will be meaningless.

BRAY is finally caught in the railway yards. The LOCOS tie him up and prepare to have some fun with him – but EBONY puts a stop to that. She has plans of her own for BRAY…