Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 17

EBONY taunts BRAY, her captive – where is Zoot?!

Back in the Mall, there are varying degrees of excitement about the approaching nuptials of ZANDRA and LEX. ZANDRA herself is ecstatic; LEX feels safe in his conviction that since TAI-SAN is not qualified as a celebrant, the marriage cannot be considered a “real” one – in other words, he can still dump Zandra whenever he wants; TRUDY, already bitter about BRAY and SALENE, is becoming more and more alienated from the group; AMBER is annoyed with TAI-SAN for creating the situation in the first place, while RYAN, PAUL, PATSY and CLOE all find themselves with parts to play in the proceedings – and some are more reluctant than others…

JACK and DAL’s temperamental alarm system is set off, frightening the Tribe and threatening to throw the wedding day into disarray. Only TAI-SAN remains unruffled – she senses no danger. And she’s right – this time…

Outside, BRAY is mysteriously liberated. Unbeknownst to BRAY, his saviour is none other than EBONY, who shadows him back to the Mall.

As the ceremony nears, PAUL hides. Anything rather than be a pageboy!

The thought of her wedding night is giving ZANDRA butterflies. She tactlessly asks TRUDY for insight – what’s It really like, Trude? SALENE and TRUDY end up brawling. TAI-SAN to the rescue – she dispenses her own peculiar brand of wisdom with aplomb.

BRAY arrives home – and walks right into the middle of the ceremony. But he’s not alone…