Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 18

EBONY and the Tribe stare at each other in mutual astonishment – a split second that feels like forever. Then EBONY bolts upstairs and into hiding.

Her loyal LOCUSTS have followed her. Alerted by the echoing alarm, they start toward the Mall…

BRAY and LEX cautiously search the service area… and capture – PAUL, who is still hiding from the wedding ceremony. But it is PAUL who leads them to EBONY – he can “hear” her moving. After a brief struggle the warrior queen is subdued. LEX finds capture sexy!

The LOCUSTS lose the scent and drift away, as ZANDRA gloomily accepts her wedding-day must be postponed. She’d feel a lot better about it if LEX only felt a little worse. TAI-SAN counsels patience…

Imprisoned and helpless, EBONY nonetheless manages to intimidate her guards – all but LEX. Is he not scared by her because he’s brave, or because he’s stupid?… EBONY wants ZOOT back – her man; the Locos’ leader.

EBONY flirts with LEX. He’s falling for it! She suggests they should practise their fighting together sometime – he’s falling for that too.

TRUDY apologises to BRAY for being so jealous about he and SALENE… Then watches in dispair as BRAY and SALENE once more lock lips.

EBONY pulls the wool over RYAN’s eyes – not exactly the world’s hardest task. LEX calms him down – but LEX himself is the next victim of the wily femme fatale…

EBONY escapes!!!