Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 19

EBONY taunts BRAY, her captive – where is Zoot?!

Awakened by strange noises in the night, AMBER goes to investigate. She finds LEX locked inside the service lift and clutching his very recently plundered crown jewels. AMBER rushes off to raise the alarm – EBONY has escaped!

AMBER hopes EBONY is still inside the Mall. But as the Tribe search, EBONY slips out to rejoin her henchmen.

ZANDRA demands an explanation – LEX is hard put to find one that’s both plausible and pardonable. Luckily, he is able to evade ZANDRA, for a time, citing his commandership of a busy military operation – EBONY could lead her Locos to attack at any time.

Not caring about the crisis, TRUDY sobs to AMBER, unable to deal with the possibility that BRAY might be falling in love with SALENE. AMBER is angry at their insensitivity and treats SALENE with contempt.

In preparation for the imminent onslaught, DAL and JACK rig up an intercom and an elaborate cacophony of scary sound effects. Amidst the fuss, BRAY sneaks off in search of EBONY.

To the amusement of the Tribe, ZANDRA bawls out LEX over the EBONY incident; and over the intercom.

After rehearsing the alarm procedure there is nothing left to do but to wait …

With time to ponder, RYAN nurses secret hopes about ZANDRA soon becoming single, but LEX informs him not to get any ideas – he’s not finished with either EBONY or ZANDRA.

SALENE reveals to AMBER that she can’t back off. She loves BRAY.