Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 21

Early morning. TRUDY lies in an unnaturally deep sleep, oblivious to the whimpers of her baby. SALENE, drawn to TRUDY’s room by BRADY’s crying, discovers the empty pill bottle lying by TRUDY’s outstretched hand… and picks up little BRADY and tiptoes away, leaving TRUDY to die… 

CLOE tries to comfort PATSY, who’s very upset about the continued absence of PAUL. A visit to the chickens might cheer her up! But LEX certainly doesn’t need to see any chickens – he’s uncharacteristically cheery, having spent a therapeutic night with the altruistic TAI-SAN.

BRAY finds TRUDY out to the count, and quickly raises the alarm. SALENE feigns ignorance as she helps BRAY, AMBER and DAL try to revive TRUDY. JACK, annoyed that his important work with DAL on the battery charger has been interrupted, is unimpressed by the stupidity of girls.

The Tribe search for answers, and inevitably for blame. AMBER pins this exclusively on the “look-at-me-I’m-so-wonderful-and-caring” BRAY. The confrontation-avoiding eco-warrior takes off, while DAL loyally watches over TRUDY. When at last she awakens, BRAY’s absence is a fresh source of anguish.

LEX is eager to replay the events of the previous night, but TAI-SAN nonchalantly informs him that if and when she feels like doing it again – she’ll let him know.

JACK’s relief at having DAL back on the battery-charger project is short-lived, for although TRUDY has recovered physically, emotionally she is still not ready to confront the pressures of parenting. When BRAY returns bearing food, he is challenged by an irate DAL; TRUDY needs somebody she can rely on, and that person is certainly not BRAY …