Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 22

TRUDY, overwhelmed by her sense of powerlessness, attacks AMBER for playing God. Why didn’t the Tribe just leave her to die as she’d wished? AMBER erupts – TRUDY has a very large chip on her shoulder, and the rest of the Tribe could do without having to deal with her many and varied problems.

While TRUDY agonises over her miserable existence, LEX marvels at the joys of his. He continues to pursue TAI-SAN, hopeful of a repeat performance… ZANDRA is puzzled by his newly-aloof behavior. RYAN wants to tell her why, but restrains himself, unable to cause ZANDRA pain.

Love is about sharing… CLOE and PATSY innocently articulate the motives of SALENE’s despicable action. ZANDRA already suspects – could SALENE really have left TRUDY to die so she wouldn’t have to share BRAY’s favours?

Unsuccessful in explaining himself to TRUDY, BRAY pleads with AMBER to speak on his behalf. AMBER finds this morally abhorrent, knowing something of the romantic situation between he and SALENE.

JACK, eager to complete the wind turbine, is exasperated by DAL’s distraction with TRUDY. Tempers flare.

DAL plays confidant to TRUDY. She hates the Mall.

LEX’s enamoured enough of TAI-SAN to bring her flowers – but they’re intercepted by a delighted, misguided ZANDRA.

ZANDRA confronts SALENE with her suspicions, but misreads SALENE’s guilt as indignation at being unjustly accused.

DAL and TRUDY leave the Mall for good – leaving BRADY behind … Unbeknownst to them, their departure is observed by a mysterious stranger…