Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 23

DAL and TRUDY arrive at the edge of the city, ready for new beginnings and the great beyond…

Back at the Mall, LEX wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. He tells his inquisitive ex-best-man, RYAN, that the wedding is off; ZANDRA is history.

CLOE finds TRUDY’s note explaining her reasons for leaving BRADY behind: she will be better off with the Tribe, where she’ll be loved and cared for. The Tribe is stunned – and the more so when they realise TRUDY and DAL have left together…

In a dark corner of the sewers the mysterious boy, KC, wakes.

LEX tries to work off his frustrations on the punching-bag – and RYAN. RYAN warns him to tread carefully or he wonít have any friends left …

TRUDY and DAL on the move through the countryside.

ZANDRA broods as RYAN enters, bearing gifts. What is wrong with LEX? …

ZANDRA suggests RYAN could do with a makeover.

SALENE organises a BRADY roster. She is frosty toward BRAY – and quick to point out that her work is for the baby’s sake, not his!

TAI-SAN tells LEX he has too much bad energy…

… But he does have good instincts. Lex discovers KC in the Boutique, rummaging through his things.

TRUDY and DAL come across the NOMADS. Their camp seems to TRUDY the safest, most peaceful place sheís ever seen.

KC’s bag is thrown open – many of the Tribe’s personal items are revealed within. KC is a pro – and professionally charming, too. LEX takes a liking to him. Welcome to the Mall Rats, KC!

TAI-SAN appears in LEX’s room. Hallelujah!