Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 24

Some not-so-sweet dreams for RYAN…

…and a rude awakening for LEX. RYAN stumbles in blearily from guard duty – and in on the secret lovers.

TRUDY and DAL breakfast in pastoral bliss with the too-sweet-to-be-wholesome NOMADS. TRUDY is beginning to suffer over her abandonment of BRADY.

KC confidently informs AMBER he is going to help JACK with the wind turbine. Is JACK aware of this?

LEX warns RYAN not to go getting any funny ideas about spilling the beans to ZANDRA – RYAN doesnít stand a dogís chance with her, anyhow!

LEX is being suspiciously nice to TAI-SAN… ZANDRA decides it’s time the boot was on the other foot. She targets poor RYAN.

KC manages to sob-story JACK into allowing him to help out in the Workshop.

SALENE is still giving BRAY the big freeze. Weird!

SUSANNAH, the earth-mother NOMAD, tells DAL and TRUDY about an upcoming tribal Gathering.

KC falls out with JACK – and nicks his Gameboy.

TRUDY can’t bear being away from BRADY any longer – she tells DAL she must return to the Mall.

TAI-SAN gives LEX the big heave-ho, as RYAN screws himself up to declare his love to ZANDRA – and ends up agreeing to negotiate with LEX on her behalf, instead.

DAL tells the NOMADS TRUDY has gone – and is very startled by the force of their reaction.