Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 25

LEX claims TAI-SAN has been responsible for his spiritual awakening. Why not continue this mutually beneficial teacher-pupil relationship? TAI-SAN agrees – if that’s what LEX really wants. Of course, there is one strict rule: spiritual teachers never get it on with their pupils.

DAL and the band of NOMADS are joined by SASHA, a happy-go-lucky artistic/acrobatic/musical/juggling/jester type.

TRUDY receives a chilly reception. Is her newfound maternal instinct for real? To TRUDYís surprise, SALENE hands BRADY over without protest. AMBERís not impressed – any more dramas and sheís out!

LEX, getting nowhere with TAI-SAN, admits to ZANDRA he is guilty of minor neglect. The truth is LEX was interested in TAI-SAN – but in her beliefs, not her body. He assures ZANDRA he’s seen the light – heís over all that deep and meaningful stuff now…

TRUDY is taken aback by the recent intimacy between BRAY and AMBER, while back at the NOMAD camp, DAL confides in SASHA: heís torn between a way of life and TRUDY.

TRUDY’s grateful to SALENE for giving her baby back. Who knows what would have happened without her? SALENE is very uncomfortable, knowing what so nearly happened with her. TRUDY reveals sheís over BRAY – but then, so is SALENE.

KC begins to win over the Tribe – even PATSY.

TRUDY tells AMBER about the proposed Gathering. LEX is convinced itís a trap, but AMBER and BRAY are less cynical – the possible rewards are probably worth the risk.

TAI-SAN puts ZANDRA’s mind at rest. Nothing was going on between she and LEX – just sex! ZANDRA goes ballistic.

DAL has made up his mind – he must follow TRUDY. But beneath the NOMADS’ thin veneer of utopian ideals lurks something far more menacing – and DAL isnít going anywhere …