Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 26

Much to DAL’s horror and confusion he is taken prisoner by suddenly sinister NOMADS. But what are their motives for keeping him captive?

The LOCOS have a new HQ – an abandoned hotel. EBONY lolls by the pool as various tribal leaders approach to discuss arrangements for the Gathering. What’s devious EBONY up to now??

In the Mall, AMBER has less success organising her discussion of the event. It’s hard to get everybody together; ZANDRA’s on the warpath, LEX is lying very low, and SALENE’s distraction makes her as good as absent.

ZANDRA is furious with RYAN – he knew about LEX and TAI-SAN and he didn’t tell her?!

SASHA arrives back at the NOMAD camp to find DAL bound and chained. But in trying to free DAL, SASHA himself is caught…

AMBER learns why ZANDRA’s so distressed – LEX and TAI-SAN?!

RYAN, upset on ZANDRA’s behalf, won’t stand for any more – LEX has to stop treating people so badly, or else.

JACK puzzles over the wind turbine plans – Damn that DAL, anyhow!

DAL and SASHA come up with a terrifying explanation for their captivity. The NOMADS must be cannibals!

The time of reckoning for LEX and ZANDRA. He pleads for another chance. He’ll do anything to prove himself to her. ZANDRA imposes one condition: he will dump TAI-SAN, and he’ll do it under ZANDRA’s supervision.

DAL and SASHA refuse to eat. TROY laughs off their ridiculous idea – of course the NOMADS aren’t cannibals, they’re… slave traders!