Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 27

DAL reels from TROY’s revelation – he and SASHA are to be sold as slaves? It’s like the Dark Ages!

Entirely honest BRAY never lies, except when he’s not being entirely honest. Though he’d previously denied any intention of meeting with EBONY, he reveals otherwise to AMBER. He slips away to find out more about the Gathering.

LEX is sent off on a quest to prove his love to ZANDRA: find a wedding ring and you get the princess…

Work on the wind turbine is not going running smoothly. JACK puts on a confident front – of course it’s going to work, it has to – but privately he’s far from sure.

PATSY observes SALENE acting very strangely – she steals some food from the store and then creeps away.

KC befriends JACK. He knows all about alternators, he used to nick them, after all… but LEX, determined to win his prize, sneaks into the workshop and steals a ring of copper wire from the heart of the alternator.

BRAY explains his meeting with EBONY to the Tribe. There’ll be two representatives from each Tribe at the meeting of the leaders – but the only united front that LEX sees is between AMBER and lover-boy. There’s also a competition – a dance competition. TAI-SAN might be able to win it!

The wind turbine, not surprisingly, isn’t working – but JACK’s too proud to talk.

SALENE, alone in the Sewers, hungrily devours the stolen food – and then retches miserably.

LEX proposes. He dumped TAI-SAN, he got her the ring – what more does she want?! ZANDRA decides she’ll move in with him, as a sign of her commitment – but no sex before marriage, thanks. LEX assures her his will is made of iron.

ZANDRA breaks the news to RYAN. He’s mildly consoled by the qualifying condition – LEX doesn’t have a chance.

DAL and SASHA embark on a daring escape – but are hopelessly outnumbered, and recaptured once more…