Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 28

ZANDRA, after a night with LEX unmolested, is beginning to believe their relationship really is founded upon trust, not lust. As soon as the Gathering’s over ZANDRA wants to get married, but LEX scoffs – the Gathering isnít going to be a Sunday School outing, but a trap – and one from which they may never return.

Despite LEX’s fears, the Tribe set out in good spirits, leaving only SALENE, TRUDY, PATSY and BRADY behind. They intend to use the wind turbine to trade power for food, but JACK’s pride keeps the seriousness of the alternator problem concealed. And pride comes before a fall …

Prisoners in the NOMAD camp, DAL and SASHA are almost eager to begin their lives as slaves – surely things can’t get any worse!

LEX is right – the Gathering is a scary scene. AMBER and BRAY attend the chiefs’ meeting only to find that their claim to ‘unlimited power’ has been a dangerous bluff. JACK must somehow fix the turbine before EBONY and her henchmen find them out. JACK reveals the copper wire has been deliberately cut. Is one of the Mall Rats – a rat?

LEX has a surprise reunion with GLEN and a couple of LOCUSTS. GLEN does not recall LEX fondly – and he’s learnt a lot from his time with the LOCOS …

TAI-SAN dances her way into the competition finals. KC spots DAL, chained amongst the slabves – and unfortunately KC is not the only one to see him; DAL and SASHA are purchased by EBONY; They were wrong – things have definitely got worse.

The Tribe agonise over how they could possibly get DAL back. RYAN has a very generous impulse – pity itís such a misguided one!

LEX is found by ZANDRA lying amongst piles of debris, feeling more dead than alive. Doesn’t anyone else understand yet? None of them are going to get out of the Gathering alive …