Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 29

The Gathering. AMBER leads a meek RYAN away from the throng of warpainted thugs – they are using his precious bundles of money as footballs!

EBONY won’t give up DAL without a fight. The wind turbine is their only chance, but JACK needs copper wire, and without it their is no hope…

The finals for the dance competition commence. AMBER approaches EBONY and proposes a wager – should TAI-SAN win, the Tribe can reclaim DAL as their own; should she lose, EBONY will get both AMBER and DAL as slaves.

Back at the Mall, TRUDY confronts SALENE about her secret bingeing. SALENE denies everything.

ZANDRA downloads her LEX troubles to an already-dejected JACK. Isn’t the ring on her finger supposed to be a mark of respect? Realising that curled around ZANDRA’s finger is the missing copper wire, JACK convinces her to part with it… for the health of the Tribe. But the ring’s stuck!

TAI-SAN completes her dance amidst rapturous applause. But LOCUSTS don’t like it when their candidate loses … EBONY and her heavies approach to collect their winnings – and AMBER is led away.

BRAY makes an impassioned plea to the crowds to overthrow the LOCUSTS – but no oneís listening. LEX to the rescue: when in doubt, start a riot. Under cover of the battle, RYAN floors a guard and rescues AMBER and DAL. Three for the price of two: SASHA and DAL are still manacled to each other!

And so the Tribe returns to the Mall – weary and bedraggled, and with the wind turbine in a number of small pieces. But at least they are all safe, and once more all together… and isn’t it interesting how SASHA and AMBER are behaving?

SALENE finally confides in TRUDY. But there is a dark secret behind SALENE’s dark secret…